2 Lakh Indian American Young Adults Face Deportation – A Scary Situation…

2 Lakh Indian American Young Adults Face Deportation - A Scary Situation...
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Unlike many illegals in the US, most Indian and their families are in the US legally. The working spouse(s) (generally husbands) are on H1B visas while the spouse and dependent children if born outside USA are on H4 visa, and they apply for Green Card of permanent resident status. Anyone born in USA is automatically granted citizenship so there are no residency problems. Waiting times for Green Card which were two or three years about 15 years ago HAVE NOW GOT EXTENDED TO 10, 20 or more years. Spouses are part of the family Green Card application and so are their children till they turn 21. So as the 2 lakh or more Indian American children on the dependent H4 visas finish school and almost wrap up college, enter into THE SCARY SITUATION WHERE THEY ARE ON ILLEGAL STATUS AND HAVE TO START SELF DEPORTATION. Legally they do not qualify for jobs or military service.

Indian Americans in such situations have on occasions move to Canada if it accepts them or the next alternative is to return to India. This is not a bad option – however the only problem is they have either never visited India or have made only a couple of visits and of course have no idea about what India is, leave alone settling here. In almost every way, there are basically Americans…

Source: RealClear Politics

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  • 7 Jun 2018

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