All 🠆 40,000 Or More Illegal Rohingyas Of Myanmar Need To Be Deported

All --> 40,000 Or More Illegal Rohingyas Of Myamnar Need To Be Deported
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Nothing personal against the thousands and thousands of Rohingya Muslims who are from Myanmar (Burma). Some or many may be good people even though communities where they live suspect them to be involved in jihadi and other anti-national and anti-social activities. With India’s giant population, with so many poor people, we have our hands are more than full. Let us deport the Rohingyas to their home country or another country that can take care of them 🢂 Bangladesh or Pakistan can take them. If the NHRC (the National Human Rights Commission) were to give them protection like it is trying to, then lakhs more may land up in India, it will become a flood.

Doesn’t the NHRC have many problems to deal with?

Source: DNA India

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  • 20 Aug 2017

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