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5 Lakh Wifi Hotspots In Rural Panchayat Areas – This Is A Big Deal…

5 Lakh Wifi Hotspots In Rural Panchayat Areas - This Is A Big Deal...
Photo courtesy: Financial Express

Most of us in Indian cities – metro or urban areas are constantly on our smart phones. We don’t realize what it means to be without data or mobile service. However, this is what citizens in rural areas are going through. Now government of India is planning to install over 5 lakh wifi hotspots in villages (gram panchayats) throughout India and with this, suddenly they too will get a reliable connection and get connection to the rest of the world. THIS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL – and just like what happens when roads get build, lots of other development and growth will happen.

Smaller gram panchayats would get 1 wifi hotspot while larger ones would get 5 or more. Such Wifi hotspots would be available for people in rural area who can also connect to public service institutions – schools, police stations, health centres, government websites, look at market prices and much more. They can also made broadband phone calls. THE REALLY EXCITING THING IS ONCE MOST IF NOT ALL OUR RURAL PEOPLE GET CONNECTED, THEY WOULD BE UP TO DATE WITH URBAN INDIA, WOULD HAVE INFORMATION AND ACCESS TO MANY THINGS AND WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE EMPOWERED. No doubt all this could take 2-3 years, but IT IS A REALLY BIG DEAL FOR INDIA

Source: Financial Express

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  • 21 Jun 2018
  • WerIndia

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