Bihar VIP Sex Racket, Victim & Accused Willing To Reconcile…

Bihar VIP Sex Racket, Victim & Accused Willing To Reconcile
Photo courtesy: DNA India

In Bihar, a dalit girl who is the daughter of a former Congress Party minister was sexually exploited by the son of a former IAS Officer. The girl say the accused had sexually exploited her after she was drugged, after promising to marry her. The retired IAS Officer and a senior Congress politician are both accused of running an interstate sex racket. To cool things, another senior Congress politician intervened to bring peace between the parties. In addition, both sides have filed a court petition for reconciliation and awaiting the court’s ruling in the matter. AND THE ACCUSED BOY HAS AGREED TO MARRY THE EXPLOITED DALIT GIRL. A one of a kind story only in India and Bihar…

Source: DNA India

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  • 29 May 2017

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