Chikungunya Hits Delhi Badly, But Delhi CM Kejriwal & Govt Out Of Delhi

Chikungunya Hits Delhi Badly, But Delhi Cm Kejriwal & Govt Out Of Delhi
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Chikungunya has hit Delhi hard, already there are  deaths and thousands are infected. But Delhi’s ruling Aam Admi Party’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal or his health minister are no where to be seen. Instead of providing critical emergency health services, they are now blaming Delhi’s LG – Najeeb Jung and the Center, claiming in tweets as to not have any powers or authority. As a result the people are being left to suffer. So where is Kejriwal – allegedly campaigning in Punjab, and Satyendra Jain, is in Goa.  If AAP does not want to govern, no problem, they have the choice to resign rather continue to be paid by the votess and tax payers?

Source: Google

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  • 15 Sep 2016

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