Eat Beans Not Beef, Indians Are First To Save Mother Earth





Eat Beans Not Beef... Indians Are First To Save The Mother Earth
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Eat Beans Not Beef… Indians Are First To Save The Mother Earth

Indians know and practice this – we eat lots of daals, beans (rajma), others and much less meat (chicken, lamb, sea food and pork) and much less beef. Yes it is true some tribal and people in the north-east eat beef along with other foods. A recent survey says if American and rest of the world replace eating most Beef with Beans and Daals, this will help in a big reduction in greenhouse gas emission. There are scientific reasons for this about the energy expended to grow feed and the greenhouse gases emitted by the cows and bulls during its growth. This is in addition to getting more nutrition, protein and fewer calories. Surprise surprise – these findings are leading to positive dietary changes in the western countries even if slow, and awareness is spreading. So will those do needless drama and beef protests listen?

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  • 26 Jul 2017

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