Hindu Daughters Now Have Equal Property Rights To Sons…

Hindu Daughters Now Have Equal Property Rights To Sons...
Photo courtesy: India Today

India amended the Hindu succession act in September 2005 which resulted in daughters getting equal share and rights to inherited & ancestral property. However, this amendment only applied to daughters born after this date – quite odd right?

There was much confusion as multiple state and lower courts interpreted this amendment differently – some made it applicable to all daughters and others to only those born after this amendment.

In a sensible move, regardless of the true intent of this 2005 amendment which is law, the Supreme Court has clarified and EXPANDED THIS LAW SUCH THAT ALL LIVING & DECEASED DAUGHTERS REGARDLESS OF WHEN THEY WERE BORN, ARE ENTITLED TO EQUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS WITH SONS. 

Source: Daily Pioneer

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  • 7 Feb 2018

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