India Been Too Generous To Kashmir But Not Jammu/Ladakh





India Been Too Generous To Kashmir (But Not Jammu or Ladakh)
Photo: The Hindu

India Been Too Generous To Kashmir (But Not Jammu or Ladakh)…

Now there are news reports that even girls from well do and government funded colleges are throwing stones and want to join protesters. Rest of India – “REMEMBER KASHMIR IS AND WILL REMAIN ALWAYS PART OF INDIA” – is left wondering what is wrong with the people of Kashmir. They killed and drove out Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir – “is that what is menat by Kashmirayat”? Kashmiris care only for Kashmir (read muslims) and no one else. They want and have so far got only a Muslim Chief Minister from Kashmir only. J&K gets 10% of central government funds with only 1% of the population, so each person on average gets 10 times of what citizens else where get, and on and on. However, with so much good and generosity, our Kashmiri friends feel that they are victims, who never hesitate to chant Pakistani flags. The only thing that makes Kashmir and J&K different it is muslim majority, nothing so special about that. If so much generosity does not work, then let us do what Pakistan, China, Middle East and others do their restless minority populations…

Source: The Hindu

  • OurVoice WeRIndia
  • 29 Apr 2017

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