India – Teach Snapchat A Lesson, Remove Their App… ASAP

India - Teach Snapchat A Lesson, Remove Their App... ASAP
Photo courtesy: Troll Indian Politics

Snapchat being the latest example – companies from outside India seem to be at ease in making fun of, or abusing, or call abusing or call it what you want of Indians. We can get upset or create a lot of media and social media storm as it happening – all this hype will be around for at least a few days, or we could really bring these companies to their knees and even make them bankrupt by stop using their products and their Apps. Till recently these didn’t exist so NOT using them should not be an issue. So can we take the pledge to really teach these companies a lesson or just want some media sensation – that is for us to choose?

Source: Economic Times

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  • 17 Apr 2017

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