India's Snake Man Has Released Over 2,20,000 Snakes





India's Snake Man Has Caught And Released Over 220,000 Snakes
Photo: Daily Mail

India’s Snake Man Has Caught And Released Over 220,000 Snakes

Salem Khan of Bhopal employed by Bhopal’s civic body has been catching snakes for 30 years. Daily he catches nearly 25-30 snakes from bungalows of influential people as well as homes in general, but never kills them. Snakes include cobras, poisonous rattle snakes and vipers and other varieties. Mr. Khan estimates he has caught over 220,000 snakes. He releases the snakes deep into the forest. He says, ‘Snakes are our friends – and not enemies. They also a good friend of farmers as they help kill rats in the fields’.

Source: Daily Mail

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  • 16 Oct 2016

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