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Magsaysay Award Given To Beat Up India?…

As just one example, recently Magsaysay award was given to TM Krishna a noted carnatic musician. While he is highly regarded, the issue is the reason cited for why this award was given to him. It basically says that India is a divisive society – an arrogant and dominating country, and that too by the award committee sitting in Philippines. We all know the truth. India is a largely harmonious and free country, unlike the dogmatic country of Philippines, the country that instituted the Magsaysay Award. To quote Swarajayamag, “India is united by strong bonds of dharma, culture, arts and spirituality, of which Carnatic music is one— sustained and nurtured over centuries.” It strongly feels like the vested global interests who are looking for every opportunity to beat up or bring down India’s interests want to create a divisiveness. That in fact seems the sole objective of these awards.

Source: Swarajyamag

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  • 1 Aug 2016

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