Massive – A 5+ Lakh Policemen & Policewomen Shortage In India…

Massive - A 5+ Lakh Policemen & Policewomen Shortage In India...
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Our Home Ministry told Parliament that there is a massive police personnel shortfall in India. There is a more than 5 lakh shortfall between an authorized strength of nearly 23 lakhs, there are only a little more than 17 lakh staff or a shortfall of nearly 25%. The shortfall and vacancies are at all levels from IPS officers to the lowest levels and in most parts of the country. No surprise are police are overworked and stressed. Looking at the pace of recruitment, it appears that the acute shortfall will continue for the near future. Can retired police personnel be brought back to active duty even if posted in lesser taxing roles?

Source: Zee News

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  • 19 Jul 2017

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