O' Great Lord - Let No Human or Our Supreme Court Disturb You





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O’ Great Lord – Let No Human or Our Supreme Court Disturb You…

The great Lord Pamanaswamy Temple, is one of India greatest treasures for both the temple, the sacredness and how its property and assets has been preserved and protected for centuries by members of the former royal family of Travancore. The members and the temple priests consider themselves only as servants of the Diety and Temple. Due to a PIL (public interest litigation), the Supreme Court got involved. As some would say, with little regard for centuries old customs, the Supreme Court seeks to get each of the six or more treasure vaults opened, the contents counted and displayed in a museum. Well, understand the idea BUT THIS IS A TEMPLE NOT A MUSEUM. Lakhs and Crores of devotees over time have never asked for it. So what authority does our Supreme Court now have to want to get this done? What about our sentiments and sacredness? The Priests and former Royal Family and many many devotees are dead again this.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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  • 13 Jul 2017

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