Pakistan Kidnapped Officer Jadhav From Iran – Release Him Immediately…

Pakistan Kidnapped Officer Jadhav From Iran - Release Him Immediately
Photo courtesy: Daily Pioneer

How can Kulbhushan Jadhav be an Indian spy working against Pakistan when he was kidnapped from Iran by Pakistan over a year ago? The Naval officer was working at the Chabhahar port, where work has restarted after many years and India is providing assistance. Pakistan’s ridiculous charge that Jadhav was creating unrest in Balochistan and he was orchestrating attacks against minority Shia Hazara community in Quetta. More than 13 times India has asked Pakistan for consular access and has been denied. We all know that Pakistan with a questionable justice system, how can it claim to have given a fair trial – if it is NOT even willing to give India the charge sheet and other paperwork?

Source: Daily Pioneer

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  • 17 Apr 2017

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