Sardarji Cab Driver Models For New York Fashion Show





Sardarji Cab Driver Models For New York Fashion Show
Photo: WSJ

Sardarji Cab Driver Models For New York Fashion Show… A Total Hit!

Ajit Singh Bharath, a 62 year old New York Yellow Cab driver, and one who has never modeled before, is one with striking features. He is an older gentleman with gold-rimmed, aviator-style bifocals, and with an awesome, full, white beard. In light of Bharath striking features, A New York fashion house executive offered Bharath a chance to model in a recent New York show which he accepted as a new experience. The show was quite a hit and Bharath modeled for nearly an hour. After this, he went straight back to work as a Yellow Cab driver!

Source: WSJ

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  • 31 Jul 2016

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