Secular Politicians Visiting Temples Means They Are In Deep Trouble…

Secular Politicians Visiting Temples Means They Are In Deep Trouble...
Photo courtesy: Daily Pioneer

Our belief system is that visiting temples is considered auspicious where we seek the Lord’s blessings and guidance. But when secular politicians, suddenly start visiting temples as a public statement and start courting the Hindu vote bank, this shows they are probably really afraid or are in deep trouble. Rahul Gandhi was publicly visiting temples before the Gujarat elections which he has not done for a long time. Mamata Banerjee, chief minister of Bengal for more than 6 years was so busy courting the minority and/or Muslim vote bank that, that visiting temples are other religious duties was not on her priority. But suddenly, with growing competition from BJP even if at an early stage, Mamata has suddenly started visiting temples and performing pujas & rituals, organizing a gathering of the state’s purohits, amongst others. It has to be seen as to how long such antics last? Surely the citizens of these states are smart and cannot be easily fooled.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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  • 12 Jan 2018

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