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Strong India - Let Army Do Its Job Against Terrorists
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Strong India – Let Army Do Its Job Against Terrorists…

Indian Government must give the Indian Army the full freedom to do whatever to protect its troops, fight terrorists and take revenge. In recent days, Pakistani army tortured and mutilated the bodies of Indian soldiers, then 5-6 terrorists visited the home of a Army officer in Kashmir and shot him many times in cold blood. Stone throwers are daily targeting our soldiers, who many a time are ordered not to retaliate. Why should the Army at the receiving end from all sides? Our first objective is to protect our forces, and who cares about world opinion or that of NGOs – they never support India in any case? Surprise, surprise – even Congress leader and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said the Indian military should stop being a gentleman’s army and be allowed to do what it takes/ Why is the political leadership so soft?

Source: Swarajyamag

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  • 12 May 2017

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