Supreme Court Agrees Love Jihad A Major Problem, Orders Full Investigation…

Supreme Court Agrees Love Jihad A Major Problem
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In a major development, the Supreme Court has appointed a retired Supreme Court judge and asked the NIA – National Investigation Agency to probe a handful of Love-Jihad cases. Love-jihad is where Muslim men pursue Hindu, Sikh or Christian women and then convert them into Muslims and then marry them. This is allegedly a soft way to islamize more people. In light of alleged forcible conversion of a Hindu woman, and also after hearing of several other cases in Kerala, the Supreme Court took a big step in probing these alleged cases. Some say that Love-Jihad is a major social issue in several other states, cities and countries. While all are entitled to pursue personal freedoms, forced and induced religions conversions or ‘Love Jihad” to increase the Muslim population are not legally or morally acceptable.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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  • 17 Aug 2017

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