Sushma Ji, Our Foreign Minister Can't Save You From Bad Husbands





Sushma Swaraj
Photo: TOI

Sushma Ji, Our Foreign Minister Cannot Save You From Bad Husbands…

Honourable Sushma Swaraj Ji, our capable foreign minister has done many great things including – solving hundreds of passport and visa problems, enabled couple to travel abroad on their honeymoon, resolved ill-treatment of Indians abroad, along with other ministers arranged to rescue and bring back thousands of stranded Indians in war-torn countries, and many others. But one woman visiting India to attend a family funeral found out that her husband was cheating on her with a foreign girlfriend. This woman asked Sushma ji to find and punish this errant husband – which Sushmaji politely declined. So our ministers can and really do help with many things, BUT THEY CANNOT SAVE YOU OR PROTECT YOU FROM BAD HUSBANDS (or Spouses) – Indian or otherwise.

Source: TOI

  • OurVoice WeRIndia
  • 2 Sep 2016

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