Taj Mahal Or Tejo Mahalaya (Or Shiva Temple) Major Question Being Asked Of Govt…

Taj Mahal
Photo courtesy: Indian Express

One petitioner is seeking proof and confirmation on a key question also asked by many people which is, “Is Taj Mahal not Taj Mahal but really Tejo Mahalaya. This was not constructed by Shahjahan, but was a Shiva Temple gifted by Raja Maan Singh“. Taj Mahal today may be one of the wonders of the world, but Archaeological Survey of India should have fully researched this question and put all information in the public domain. Even the Allahabad High Court agreed with a petition that some points raised disputed questions about some items considered to be facts. There is added mystery as hardly anyone has seen the “construction details” and there exist several hidden rooms which are closed to the public citing security reasons, which does not make any sense.

Source: Indian Express

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  • 12 Aug 2017

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