Why Doesn’t Aamir Khan Condemn The Separatists? Is He A Coward?

Why Doesn't Aamir Khan Condemn The Separatists? Is He A Coward?
Photo courtesy: India Glitz

The 16 year old Dangal girl Zaira Wasim, reportedly was forced to issue an apology letter to the Kashmiri fundamentalists for simply acting – which apparently has polluted Kashmir. (You decide how this would be possible?). Aamir Khan who is known to be selective of his intolerance remarks, did not condemn the hidden pressure or show support and solidarity for the young and courageous girl. Instead he tried to play down, saying “I have read it and can understand… blah blah blah. I appeal to leave her alone…” So is Aamir Khan a hypocrite or is he only interested in the movie commercial prospects? Well there was deafening silence and no support whatsoever towards the 16 year old from the secular mainstream media.

Source: Postcard

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  • 20 Jan 2017

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