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'Mumbai's New Subway - Cutting Its Belly To Make It... An Engineering & Human Challenge
Photo: The Wall Street Journal

‘Mumbai’s New Subway – Cutting Its Belly To Make It… An Engineering & Human Challenge

The world’s newest and most complex subway is being built hundreds of meters below Mumbai. 8,000 people are working 24 hours a day using 17 boring machines each more than 100 meters to build the 34 kilometer long, 27 station underground subway system. It has faced every possible challenge imaginable – flooding, repeated court challenges due to noise or potential risk to buildings, work stoppage, damage to religious places, land acquisition challenges, deaths being blamed on the projects, and relocating people into multi-story buildings from government’s forest land and then teaching such affected people as to how to use gas connections (as before they were using firewood), internet and many others.

The project which only started in 2016 should be completed by 2021 is progressing now on plan at the rate of more than 1.5 kilometers per day. Hope Mumbaikars would be grateful for the completion of a moderful, technologically complex subway system – and today of course all are being inconvenienced even as the thousands of workers are working hard toiling away to finish this project.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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IT Seems Our Courts Give Special Treatment To Some
Photo: Dailypioneer

‘IT Seems Our Courts Give Special Treatment To Some…Why?

Some seem to get very quick court hearing and also very special treatment. For example:

* A court heard and extended former Union minister P. Chidambaram’s arrest for weeks.

* The same minister got relief of weeks in questioning by the Enforcement Directorate.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi could get a Supreme Court hearing to question why the IT department was reopening a tax assessment, citing likely fraud. They get special permission for appearing in court, easily get bail, easily get court hearing.

Lalu Prasad Yadav, while he cannot contest elections due to criminal conviction, easily got bail.

So we wonder if there cases merit special treatment or are they special, or could there be something else? Sadly, writers have got arrested for expressing their freedom of speech and they are in jails for months. Crores of Sabarimala devotees have to wait for a court hearing.

Get us wondering…

Source: Dailypioneer

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'Excellent Devotees Donations At Sabarimala Down
Photo: Swarajyamag

‘Excellent Devotees – Donations At Sabarimala Down 70%…Temple Board In Panic…

The GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED TEMPLE BOARD is in a panic and finally admits that DEVOTEES ARE DOWN 60% AND TEMPLE DONATIONS ARE DOWN 70% during the current pilgrimage season. They are worried as salaries may not be paid. And now believe it or not they are running Ads in neighboring states to attract devotees – WHAT A JOKE? And the sad thing what they are not talking about is – the Kerala government and the temple board are using Temple funds for Ads. Did the Devotees agree to this – it is like using YOUR MONEY TO HURT?

The current anti-majority Kerala communist government pushed for entry of certain the Lord’s wishes. The Supreme Court passed a highly controvertible and precedent setting decision overturning 1,000+ of years of religious practice. Central government has been so quiet. So no one is representing the Devotees other than themselves.

Lord Swami Ayyappa… bless the devotees !!!

Source: Swarajyamag

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'Usual Suspects - Pakistani Love Only These Indian Journalists
Photo: Opindia

‘Usual Suspects – Pakistani Love Only These Indian Journalists…

No surprise –  Pakistan has been very selective in choosing only certain journalists to cover the opening of the road to a highly regarded sikh pilgrimage site or the Kartarpur Corridor. AFTER INDIA’S INITIATIVE, ONLY FEW OF THESE JOURNALISTS CHOSE TO PUT ANY PRESSURE ON PAKISTAN TO DO IT PART TO OPEN THIS PILGRIMAGE CORRIDOR.

So who are these journalists loved by Pakistan, here are a few of the 30 or so

*  Barkha Dutt, The Week

*  Rajdeep Sardesai, India Today

*  Siddharth Varadarajan, The Wire

*  Sagarika Ghose, The Timesof India

*  Sahasini Haider, The Hindu

Indian nationalists would accuse several of the selected (in) famous journalists of praising Pakistan at different times and being highly critical of India’s tough stand against Pakistan as well as our armed forces.

So is there any surprise why they were invited ?… Better watch for their confused and favorable coverage of Pakistan after their visits…

Source: Opindia

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American Missionary Chau Is No Martyr, He Died Due To Sheer Arrogance
Photo: Bostonglobe

‘American Missionary Chau Is No Martyr, He Died Due To Sheer Arrogance…

The western world and even a large section of India’s copycat English media wants us to believe that American Christian missionary John Allen Chau is now a martyr as he died on Andaman & Nicobar islands. This is sad end but these are some of things he was trying to do:

*  He calls people of these islands “SATAN’S LAST STRONGHOLD“. Really … are we all devils and live in devils lands?

*  He wanted to coerce through any means possible, as so many missionaries before him have done and continue to do, to force his religion on the peace loving isolated people of these islands.

*  He felt the islands people (or read tribes) are worthy only if they accepted his views. So hidden by religion, this was a strategy of “DOMINATION & SUPREMACY meant to to crush  nonconforming cultures and to tame and control them. In fact this is what the white Europeans in Africa, Australia, South and Latin America and the British pushed hard in India.

Chau was an invader in every sense of the world. OUR SENTINEL PEOPLE HAVE LIVED IN ISOLATION AND PEACE AND DO NOT WANT ANY OUTSIDERS. They did what they felt necessary to protect their people, their island and life.

Sadly, such aggression has brought world attention to these islands, and now more intruders may try to enter – all of which is illegal.And now the Indian police is left to retrieve the body in very dangerous conditions.

And such christian evangelical & missionary push for conversion of our own people, really an aggression on our people, is happening in so many parts of India.

Source: Bostonglobe

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Enmity and Hatred Between Indian Communities
Photo: Opindia

‘Is Twitter Trying To Promote Enmity & Hatred Between Indian Communities…?

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey seems to be in the news for the wrong reasons. The latest is his holding and arguably supporting a poster that says “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy”. Such statements whether written or spoken are viewed as “attempts to promote hatred and disharmony between castes or communities. The punishment is up to three years.”

This poster reportedly emerged after the Twitter CEO met privately and secretly with women journalists who say that he was handed this poster. Regardless, both he and the other women journalists who created such a poster could be found guilty if and when the law takes it its natural course. And hope it will …

Source: Opindia

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Karnataka Govt & Police Revenge Arrest Of Journalist
Photo: Swarajyamag

‘So Unfair – Karnataka GOV’T & Police’s Revenge Arrest Of Journalist…

Well known local Karnataka journalist, Santhosh Thammaiah, was arrested by Karnataka police. And slapped him with charges of hurting religious feelings. Journalist Santhosh has been writing against the current government and ruling secular political parties in the state about so many lawless and illegal things happening in the state:

*  Muslim migration from Kerala to hill regions to change the demography, encouraged by certain political parties.

*  Protesting Tipu Sultan celebrations. Why, because Tipu influenced by islamic ideology killed many hindus in the state and destroyed so many temples.

*  Allowed illegal workers from Bangladesh to populate certain forest areas.

*  Allowing Rohingya muslims, who are all illegals to settle in parts of the state.

*  And much more.

Isn’t it the job of journalists (and sadly there are only a few brave ones) to highly problems and issues caused or overlooked by the government and police? Why are such people being arrested at midnight and treated like criminals?

Source: Swarajyamag

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Ayodhya Versus Sabarimala
Photo: Business Standard

‘SC’s Opposite Treatment Of Ayodhya Versus Sabarimala…

It is really hard to miss the Supreme Court opposite treatment of two prestigious and famous matters.

The Ayodhya – Ram Janmabhoomi case needs a settlement – however the Supreme Court’s hearings and final judgment keeps getting delayed for decades.

On the other hand, on the Sabarimala issue, the court has ruled against the 1,000s year old traditions – probably a hurried judgment. And when the judgement was appealed on henalf of lakhs and crores of devotees and even when they sought an emergency hearing, the Supreme Court has refused to hear these?

Source: Business Standard

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Twitter Ceo's Really Rude Meeting With Our PM
Photo: Opindia

‘Twitter Ceo’s Really Rude Meeting With Our PM…

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey was on his first visit to India. While he was lucky to get his first meeting with PM Modi, most people feel he was rude and highly disrespectful of India and Prime Minister. The meeting had so many negatives:

* He was so so casually dressed – black hoodie or sweatshirt, casual or black leather pants, casual shoes.

* He was cross-legged, a huge sign of disrespect.

* He took with him a Mahima Kaul, an employee who has been a strong Modi – hater.

It was not clear if one was going to the vegetable market, or to see a picture to meet one of the most important people in the world. Would he have done the same in meetings (if he got one) with the US President or heads of many other countries?

Was this a mistake or done on purpose by one who is nearly half the age of the Prime Minister? What was hoped to be achieved or what was achieved? Was it to show that the head of one minor social media company superior to Prime Minister of India?

Source: Opindia

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Happy Diwali Ban Beef & ACs Not Firecrackers
Photo: Google

‘Happy Diwali – Deepavali ! Ban Beef & ACs Not Firecrackers To Save The Environment…

With the controversial limits on lighting firecrackers, not sure if Diwali – Deepavali would be a happy one. After all firecrackers are one of the biggest things to look forward to… Still we wish all a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI – DEEPAVALI.

But if the Supreme Court really wants to help reduce pollution, then the biggest contributor to pollution world over is the PRODUCTION OF BEEF – “animal livestock farming produces 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases, which as a comparison is more than the pollution from ALL CARS and PLANES TOGETHER. And even among all meat, “BEEF is the absolute worst. Beef production uses 28 times more land and 11 times more water than the production of pork or chicken.” ACs are also big producer of greenhouse gas pollution.



Source: Opindia

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