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US Elections - Fight Between 'Real Indian' vs 'Fake Indian'...
Photo: MSN

US Elections – Fight Between ‘Real Indian’ vs ‘Fake Indian’…

In the upcoming US Senate elections (like Rajya Sabha – there are only 100 total seats, 2 per state), upstart and challenger Shiva Ayyadurai- of Indian origin without any doubt and the real Indian is fighting against incumbent senator Elizabeth Warren. Ms. Warren has claimed to be of American Indian decent and many are questioning this. Mr. Ayyadurai’s fighting moto is “Only a REAL INDIAN Can Defeat the Fake Indian.” Mr. Ayyadurai as has President Trump called Ms. Warren and reportedly many other American Indians have called her the fake Indian and an opportunist to exploit special benefits given to American Indians (like SC/ST get in India).

While Indians don’t know either candidate, most would support Shiva the real Indian. Could we have imagined that being an Indian would be used to win a very difficult election in USA or any other country?

Source: MSN

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Major CRPF Success - 27 Naxalites Killed In Operation...
Photo: Google

Major CRPF Success – 27 Naxalites Killed In Operation…

The C-60 Commando unit of the CRPF force along with local police gunned down officially 16 but could be as high as 27 Naxalites or Maoist in the Gadchiroli region of Maharashtra – this would be one of the biggest successes for them. and also dealing a major blow to the naxalites. Maoist menace has been going for years in many districts. CRPF soldiers – both men and women have paid a very heavy price losing hundreds of its soldiers and many injured along with deaths of many local villagers. The CRPF has slowly but steady been achieving successes as the number of districts affected by naxalite violence has been steadily coming down, and now it is around 44 down from over 150.

Source: TOI

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PM's Honest & Gutsy Answer To: What Is The Secret To Your Energy?
Photo: Financial Express

PM’s Honest & Gutsy Answer To: What Is The Secret To Your Energy?

During a live session of ‘Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath’ in UK, a youth from the audience asked PM Modi – “What is the secret to your energy and stamina, so we can all use that?” You would not believe the 100% honest answer he gave in hindi in a lighthearted manner which touched the hearts of lakhs and lakhs of people. PM Modi said, “Kareeb-kareeb 20 saal se..daily…1 kg…2kg…gaaliyan khata hoon.” The audience burst into laughing.

PM also said he is not against criticism. “But to criticise, one has to research and find proper facts. Sadly this does not happen now. What happens instead is allegations. Criticism makes democracy strong. Democracy cannot succeed without constructive criticism”.

So think about it. WHICH LEADER IN INDIA EVER OR EVEN WORLD OVER HAS RECEIVED THIS LEVEL OF EXTREMELY ABUSIVE AND NON-STOP CRITICISM? Indian media and western media should especially take note.

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Indian Navy Is Watching China's Every Move
Photo: OpIndia

Indian Navy Is Watching China’s Every Move…

It is NOT a joke but the the Indian Navy really sent a “WARM WELCOME” message to China’s 29th Navy division. The message the Indian Navy is sending out is while we are welcoming you but China – you should know that our eyes and ears in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) are watching you closely and aggressively. The Indian Navy has 50 combat ready warships on constant vigil over the entire IOR which includes the Persian Gulf, the straight of Malacca, the Northern Bay of Bengal, southern parts of the Indian Ocean and the east coast of Africa – nothing escapes their watch. Wow! – what an amazing and proactive armed forces!

Source: OpIndia

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Assassination Attempt On Union Minister In Karnataka
Photo: One India

Assassination Attempt On Union Minister In Karnataka…

Shri Anant Kumar Hedge, Union Minister narrowly escaped an assassination attempt per news reports. Per police reports, at 11:30pm a truck driven by one Nasir deliberately tried to hit the minister’s car but both the car and its passengers narrowly escaped as they were at high speed, however the minister’s escort car was hit. It is reported that the driver was not drunk. Shri Hedge is has expressed his views on several topics hails from Karnataka is very popular and has a strong following. State elections are due and people feel the law and order situation has continued to deteriorate under the ruling Congress government.

Numerous murders, violent crimes have been committed on the majority community with justice either denied or delayed on one pretext or the other. The minister feels there could be big nexus to get him and others assassinated.

Source: One India

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Kathua Rape & Media, India Do Hear The Other Side...
Photo: DailyO

Kathua Rape & Media, India Do Hear The Other Side…

We all are upset, but let us hear the other side…

1) Eight people have been accused (all of 1 community) and arrested, trial begins but the accused or their lawyers have not been provided a chargesheet. AMAZING HA? The court had to be delay trial to April 28th.

2) Most Media, select politicians and their overseas friends are using portions of the media reported chargesheet treat the accused as 100% guilty. They don’t feel the accused deserve a fair trial, they should all be hanged very soon? Really? Terrorists are given a fair trial but not them?

3) The accused are willing to take a narco test – so what is holding up this?

4) The victims feel in Jammu they may not get a fair trail, but the accused feel the J&K police may not conduct a fair investigation so they want this to be handed to CBI. Sounds reasonable.

5) The Jammu population is all for fair trial, who wont be, a lot of this frenzied hysteria is direct at the hindu community. Can you convince them otherwise?

6) Why cannot accused family and fiance be allowed to meet them in JAIL?

7) Some media are reporting this crime is to deport the entire muslim grazing community. Can anyone give proof are these are baseless accusations against an entire community.

8) One media is even reporting that Rohingya muslim settlers are there with proper papers? Have you heard of this? These are illegal settlers and it is only because of the SC they continue in India.

So think about even if we don’t feel convinced. Further, citizens of Jammu have been protesting of illegal settlers (Rohingya muslims and others) who want to change the region’s demography. Do you want to listen to their plight?

Source: DailyO

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Rape Is Bad But Our Media Is So Biased & Unbalanced...
Photo: Swarajyamag

Rape Is Bad But Our Media Is So Biased & Unbalanced…

The most recent rape of 2 very young girls is an really unfortunate crime and law should take it course and give the accused the punishment they deserve. But the recent uproar, people seem to be being used for political purposes without their knowledge and the meda using it usual unbalanced reporting to bash the majority community. The Jammu rape and murder case happened a few months ago in January, but the outrage is suddenly now. Hindu community members helped the victim’s family to find the missing girl but all the media is reporting this as a hindu hate crime (but has refused to report such incidents as hate crimes when the accused are members of other religions).

There are reports of a young hindu girl raped in Assam, but there is total silence as to who the culprits? Why is that – is it because it could be from the minority community and they never mention religion?

A few days ago a muslim man chopped a 4 year’s girls’ hand and killed her because her father owed a Rs. 1,500 debt. Kashmir Pandits who continue to live as refugees in settlements in Jammu were allegedly raped by members of the local community, but were the muslims blamed for this? In Kerala and West Bengal, so many SC/ST citizens have been murdered, attacked including being raped and their land and property being stolen over many years, but there has been no comparable outrage.

When such unbalanced reporting is brought to the attention of some members of the media, there are reports that they get angry and don’t feel they have to explain. So we have to decide if media and politicians are playing us for their gain?

Source: Swarajyamag

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Situation really bad in Bengal, Court stays panchayat poll process
Photo: Firstpost

Situation Really Bad In Bengal, Court Stays Panchayat Poll Process..

West Bengal’s Opposition parties moved the Kolkata high court which has stayed the panchayat poll process … this is a highly unusual move. Opposition parties say Mamta Banerjee’s ruling MC is not allowing opposition candidates to even file nomination papers for the nearly 45,000 seats . There are news reports of opposition candidates – young or old, man or woman or of any part are being severely beaten by ruling TMC members, bombs being thrown at them – several have died.

Even media coverage is not being allowed. Opposition parties feel the whole stat machinery is working for the TMC government. The state election commission initially extended the date of filing nomination and then recalled or cancelled its order. The Court wants a basic review of the nomination process.


Source: Indian Express

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After Opposition's Parliament Session Washout, Asks For A Special 2-Week Session?
Photo: DNA India

After Opposition’s Parliament Session Washout, Asks For A Special 2-Week Session?

The Opposition parties managed to stall yet another parliament session – which makes it the 12th straight session – and they blame the government for this. Only limited business could get done. However, now a few opposition MPs want to call a two week in a special session of parliament and they have written to the Vice President.

They want to discuss – important legislations and discussion on political issues of national importance AND restore the dignity of the Parliament.


Source: DNA India

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After 70 Years - Why So Much Violence During Ram Navami?
Photo: NDTV

After 70 Years – Why So Much Violence During Ram Navami?

There were several reports of violence in different parts of the country which was in the midst of Ram Navami celebrations:

* West Bengal’s Raniganj and Asansol faced serious violence with at least 2 people dead, police officers injured and several shops burnt. There are reports that a police office lost their right hand as a bomb was thrown at them.

* In Jharkhand’s Bokaro and Hazaribagh district, there were stone throwing at the processions with an attempt to stop them.

* There are likely other smaller and unreported or locally reported incidents.

So one needs to ask why such repeated violence during auspicious celebrations? Are those groups of people trying to put a stop to these? Could this violence lead to a retaliation? These are questions we need to ask after 70 years of independence in a free and vibrant country.

Source: Business Standard

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