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India Is The Envy Of The World For Many Reasons - Let Us Celebrate Our Success So Far
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India Is The Envy Of The World For Many Reasons – Let Us Celebrate Our Success So Far…

India lives in a difficult neighborhood. A country that was the richest in its hey days, it was impoverished by the Mughals for centuries and the British for over 200 years. It got partitioned – which in hindsight arguably may be a blessing. We have still unsettled issues in Kashmir and North-East due to meddling by neighbours who have bigger problems. We have western powers and neighbours and their spy agencies and NGOs (under religions garb), Maoists, Jihadists and others trying to divide India, or at least create divisions. Some of us in India still think of us as what is our religion or caste. Most politicians seem to be out for themselves and not those they serve. Poverty levels have gone down but still at high levels like 25+% of our people with lots of other issues. BUT… DESPITE ALL THESE THESE AGGRESSIVE, DEVIOUS AND VIOLENT EFFORTS TO BREAK INDIA, INDIA IS LIVING, BREATHING and THRIVING AS NEVER BEFORE. We have so many pluses and some say our people are the happiest and we enjoy the greatest freedom in the world. So let us thank our Soldiers, Para-Military, Freedom Fighters, Citizens Past and Present who have made incredible sacrifices. JAI HIND, JAI BHARATGOD BLESS INDIA NOW AND FOREVER!

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The India Less Appreciated
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The India Less Appreciated…

We are the longest continuously surviving civilization – from Afghanistan and Balochistan in the west to the North-East and Bangladesh, and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and even Sri Lanka, we all have the same gene pool, so genetically we are similar people. Our traditions, richness, values and people continue intact in most parts of our land, (even if we have lost it in areas that got partitioned and/or subject to religious conversions). We have accepted all religions and given them a home, and assimilated ideas from outside. In history, we have been the major source of contributing our wealth and knowledge including mathematics, medicine (ayurveda), yoga, architecture, dance, music, pyschology and linguistics through Sanskrit to the world. Due to our dharmic religions and value systems, we have offered great ideas like such as unity of mankind, harmony of mankind, divinity of an individual, creative synthesis and belief in cosmic values. How amazing…

Source: New India Digest

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DEMO Effect - Papaya To Rectum (Or "Bum') Used To Hide Gold
Photo: DNA India

DEMO Effect – Papaya To Rectum (Or “Bum’) Used To Hide Gold…

Demonetization seems to have stressed strugglers a lot who according to customs officials have had to get more creative. Some of the strangest ways of recent smuggling gold have included hiding nearly 70 lakhs in a papaya (not so terrible), to cutup chappals or baby diapers to inserting it in their body cavities including rectums (soooo terrible). So after this some of this gold is sold or used, so let us keep that in mind. As such smuggling has seen a big increase since demonetization, customs officials say they are monitoring suspects and they also receive tip-offs.

Source: DNA India

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Obama Was Successful Only Due To PM Modi
Photo: Swarajyamag

Obama Was Successful Only Due To PM Modi…

Outgoing US president was successful on the India front only due to PM Modi. We should all remember that PM Modi, then as Chief Minister of Gujarat – his visa was denied by the US government, in part due to letter written by 65+ Indian MPs, christian evangelical organizations and some Bollywood and other citizens. People thought our PM would nver forget the damage done to him. However, Prime Minister was willing to overlook everything for the sake of the country and even so. He had his first meeting with President Obama in 3 months in the US, followed by several others, when he was invited to attended the Republic Day. India and US became natural allies, and several defense agreements were signed. All of this leading to the Indo-US relationship being the most successful of Obama foreign policy achievements.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Have Jallikattu Protests Been Hijacked By Jihadists And Turned Anti-National?
Photo: Satya Vijayi

Have Jallikattu Protests Been Hijacked By Jihadists And Turned Anti-National?

In a shocking turn of events – Jihadists, anti-national forces and others seeking a separate Tamil (or Ealam) land have hijacked these protests and taken a front stage. These new protesters can be charged with treason. They are snatching mikes away from students who bravely have led these protests. These groups who actually kill and eat the cow and bull are now pretending to protect the cow, but the real reason is to balkanize and weaken India. On group – the Naam Tamizhar Katchi is asking people to protest the Republic Day celebrations, wear black flags and not salute the national flag. The central government under PM Modi proactively was working on finding an ordinance resolution. Central Minister Nirmala Sitharaman suggested to the state to issue an ordinance which was done and the law will be made permanent. But now these anti-national forces are trying to come together to target PM Modi, the Central and State government. THINGS HAVE GOT TOO SERIOUS. JALLIKATTU IS NOW THE LAW, LET US TAKE SERIOUS ACTION AGAINST THESE ANTI-NATIONAL FORCES.

Source: Satya Vijayi

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A Village Of Twins In Kerala...
Photo: MSN

A Village of Twins In Kerala…

While India has a low birth rate of twins, Kodinhi, a village in Kerala defies that. On a visit there, it seems like every other person seems to have a twin. In fact the village has over 200 twins – and several of whom are girls. People have tried to find the reasons but none could be found. At least, this is a good thing…

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Navjot Sidhu Joins Congress
Photo: Indian Express

Navjot Sidhu Says Ghar Wapsi Now – Till The Next Time?

Cricketer and comedian who is also a politician with little in way of accomplishments, does a Ghar Wapsi with his wife who is also a politician. He says he was born a Congressman. But per news reports, he and his wife “almost” joined AAP. Sidhu seems really critical of the Akalis, and if one were to guess is it could be personal. But he was with BJP all these years. Okay – but what was he doing all these years? And, one can only wait and wonder where he may float next?

Source: Indian Express

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Captain Dhoni - Captain Coool... You Were The Best
Photo: Swarajyamag

Captain Dhoni – Captain Coool… You Were The Best

India may have had good cricket captains – Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri, Ajit Wadekar or Patuadi, but none comes close to Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni – he is the greatest. In his 9 year stint as Indian Cricket captain, he could take any pressure and still come out winning against all odds. Indian cricket has a good record during this time. Under pressure to chase a high run target, and after having lost stalwarts in the 2011 World Cup final Dhoni put himself ahead and came out not out and we won. In a T20 final against Pakistan, with 13 runs that Pakistan needed to win in the last over, Dhoni used Joginder Sharma a newbie and won the match. Under pressure lots of people lose judgment and are overtaken, Not Dhoni who flourishes under pressure!

Source: Swarajyamag

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Why Doesn't Aamir Khan Condemn The Separatists? Is He A Coward?
Photo: India Glitz

Why Doesn’t Aamir Khan Condemn The Separatists? Is He A Coward?

The 16 year old Dangal girl Zaira Wasim, reportedly was forced to issue an apology letter to the Kashmiri fundamentalists for simply acting – which apparently has polluted Kashmir. (You decide how this would be possible?). Aamir Khan who is known to be selective of his intolerance remarks, did not condemn the hidden pressure or show support and solidarity for the young and courageous girl. Instead he tried to play down, saying “I have read it and can understand… blah blah blah. I appeal to leave her alone…” So is Aamir Khan a hypocrite or is he only interested in the movie commercial prospects? Well there was deafening silence and no support whatsoever towards the 16 year old from the secular mainstream media.

Source: Postcard

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Horror Story - Christian Girl Throws Acid On Lover Who Refused To Convert
Photo: Postcard

Horror Story – Christian Girl Throws Acid On Lover Who Refused To Convert…

Lydia, a Bangalore based christian girl threw acid on her lover Jayakumar and slashed his face as he refused to convert to Christianity despite repeated pressure. Jayakumar agreed to marry. They had met five years ago and fell in love soon after. Lydia, a working nurse, kept pushing for marriage but also conversion. Police have arrested Lydia and her cousin Sunil a possible accomplice in this gory criminal act is absconding. Jayakumar is recovering from severe burns and cuts, and is still not out of danger. While this is one example, India has faced for centuries (since mughal and british rule) forced conversions by money power and force. Since independence, really now seven decades, these things are going on unabated. A vast majority of money from western governments going to NGOs in India is used for conversion under the alibi of social service. This menace has to be stopped.

Source: Postcard

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