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Indian Students Have Big Big Concerns About Study In USA...
Photo: Yahoo

Indian Students Have Big Big Concerns About Study In USA…

Indian students who form one of the biggest chunk of the million plus international students who study in US colleges and universities are reported to have big concerns about their visit and study in US colleges and universities. US educational institutions who receive billions of dollars in fees are big beneficiaries of India and foreign student enrollments wh generally pay the full out of state tuition rates, which are amongst the highest tuition and fees charged to anyone. Unlike the past, a recent student survey noted big worries of the visiting Indian students.

The 3 big worries stand out:

1) they worry about hate crimes hat could be directly at Indian students and community at large similar to several recent incidents at Kansas City and elsewhere;

2) a feeling of being unwelcome on college campuses – and being left out of college campus life; and

3) it would be much more difficult to get H1B work visas. Already this year, Indian student enrollment is down and we have to see what happens in the future months and years.

Source: Yahoo

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If Tibet Was Independent, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Would Be Trouble Free...
Photo: Google

If Tibet Was Independent, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Would Be Trouble Free…

China invaded Tibet and and annexed the country to access the country’s rich natural resources but also to militarize the strategically important border with India. Many feel that India made a strategic error in recognizing Tibet quickly. Devotees believe that Kailash-Mansarovar which is in Tibet, to be the abode of Lord Shiva and the yatra to get there is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Each year, hundreds and thousands of Indian pilgrims who undertake this holy yatra need Chinese permission and visa – always a big headache. But if Tibet had remained independent getting these visas would have been really easy.

Source: Hindustan Times

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D Roopa, DIG of Police, was transferred 17 times in 17 years...
Photo: Swarajyamag

D Roopa, DIG of Police, was transferred 17 times in 17 years…

A honest and fearless officer in Karnataka, Ms. D. Roopa has been transferred 17 times in her 17 year career. Her most recent transfer came after she wrote a report about the abuse and VIP treatment to select prisoners due to political patronage or bribes paid to police and/or politicians.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Massive - A 5+ Lakh Policemen & Policewomen Shortage In India...
Photo: Google

Massive – A 5+ Lakh Policemen & Policewomen Shortage In India…

Our Home Ministry told Parliament that there is a massive police personnel shortfall in India. There is a more than 5 lakh shortfall between an authorized strength of nearly 23 lakhs, there are only a little more than 17 lakh staff or a shortfall of nearly 25%. The shortfall and vacancies are at all levels from IPS officers to the lowest levels and in most parts of the country. No surprise are police are overworked and stressed. Looking at the pace of recruitment, it appears that the acute shortfall will continue for the near future. Can retired police personnel be brought back to active duty even if posted in lesser taxing roles?

Source: Zee News

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Lilly Singh, Canadian-Punjabi Girl Is UN Goodwill Ambassador
Photo: Jagran Josh

Lilly Singh, Canadian-Punjabi Girl Is UN Goodwill Ambassador

Lilly Singh, a Canadian Punjabi, besides being a comedian and writer, is a YouTube sensation with over 10 million followers and one of its top earners, was appointed as the newest UN Global Goodwill Ambassador. Lilly Singh, who is around 27 years was voted by Forbes in 2017 to be a top influencer in the entertainment industry.

Source: Jagran Josh

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Major Menu Change Likely For Mid-Day Meals...
Photo: Google

Major Menu Change Likely For Mid Day Meals…

Nearly 15 crore mid-day meals are served in government schools all across. Each state and district organizes these differently. In the states where these are considered well run, they are generally outsourced. But in the some other states like Bihar and UP, teachers are involved in both cooking the food and serving, a big issue as teachers are distracted from the important job of teaching. Government is looking at major overhauls both in the menu – the goal is to serve at least 450 calories and 12 grams of nutritious food, and how/who prepares and serves them.

Source: DNA India

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Israel Says Ties With India Are Heavenly...
Photo: Google

Israel Says Ties With India Are Heavenly…

Israel told PM Modi that ties with are heavenly – “A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN BUT WE ARE IMPLEMENTING IT ON EARTH”. Wow! Have we heard of any leader of any country say this to the people and leader of any other country (in this case India). This shows the regard and love of Israel for India. Even though we are so much different in size, we have many similarities, face many similar threats and can gain a lot by working together. Going forward, three cheers to a wonderful strategic partnership between our two countries.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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No Surprise, Some States Give VIP Treatment To Certain Criminals...
Photo: Google

No Surprise, Some States Give VIP Treatment To Certain Criminals…

Karnataka is again in the news for the wrong reasons… Sasikala, former AIADMK leader, who is serving jail sentence has reportedly paid a Rs. 2 Crore bribe to receive VIP treatment inside the jail – which includes an exclusive kitchen, special visiting hours. Another prisoner Abdul Karim Telgi convicted stamp paper forgery scam is receiving regular body massage from 3 other convicts “assigned to him”. Remember Lalu Yadav was getting special attention in Bihar. There are probably many more such cases and most of us would not be surprised even.

Source: Indian Express

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Superb Show! Mithali Raj, India's Captain Sets A Record
Photo: Huffingtonpost

Superb Show! Mithali Raj, India’s Captain Sets A Record…

Mithali Raj, captain of India’s women cricket team set a new world record for the highest number of runs scored in ODI (one day international). She beat the earlier record of an English player and now has more than 6,000 runs with an average of over 50 runs per match which is also the highest. Great performance and congratulations!!

Source: Huffingtonpost

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Photo: Google

O’ Great Lord – Let No Human or Our Supreme Court Disturb You…

The great Lord Pamanaswamy Temple, is one of India greatest treasures for both the temple, the sacredness and how its property and assets has been preserved and protected for centuries by members of the former royal family of Travancore. The members and the temple priests consider themselves only as servants of the Diety and Temple. Due to a PIL (public interest litigation), the Supreme Court got involved. As some would say, with little regard for centuries old customs, the Supreme Court seeks to get each of the six or more treasure vaults opened, the contents counted and displayed in a museum. Well, understand the idea BUT THIS IS A TEMPLE NOT A MUSEUM. Lakhs and Crores of devotees over time have never asked for it. So what authority does our Supreme Court now have to want to get this done? What about our sentiments and sacredness? The Priests and former Royal Family and many many devotees are dead again this.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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