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Is This A Joke - Hizbul Asks Kashmiri Pandits To Return
Photo: Google

Is This A Joke – Hizbul, A Kashmiri Terrorist Group Asks Kashmiri Pandits To Return…

A Hizbul Mujahideen, one of several Kashmiri terrorist organisation by video is asking Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs and other minorities to return to their ancestral homes in Kashmir, and assures them safety. This feels really strange, as it this terrorist / jihadi group and others that drove out the Kashmiri minorties from their homelands and in several reported cased killed the minority community in cold blood, sadly some community members provided support. Even more strange is this same group is asking Kashmiri youth to snatch weapons from the security forces – a necessary step to join the terrorist ranks.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Indian eCommerce Companies Are Losing Out To Amazon
Photo: Google

Indian eCommerce Companies Are Losing Out To Amazon…

Amazon, the US based eCommerce powerhouse has gained massive scale and share in only 3 years at the expense of Flipkart, Snapdeal and other smaller Indian eCommerce companies. Over one year ago, Amazon’s share by gross market value (gmv) was 15% while Flipkart’s share was around 45%, but in the most recent July quarter, Amazons’s share has grown to ~32% while Flipkart’s has fallen to  ~40%. Not just that, Amazon carries 65 million products to Flipkart’s 45 million. Amazon has a strategy for vendors to export and buyers to import products (which could be in violation of government rules) and Flipkart has none. Amazon’s CEO said that “Amazon India has surpassed our most ambitious planned milestones.” Of course, almost all eCommerce companies are losing money so access to financial is needed, Indian companies are cash starved. So it is scary if Indian companies would lose leadership, domination and overtime name recognition in this growing segment to foreign companies.

Source: SeekingvAlpha

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Unwanted Fuss About Building Ramayana Museum In Ayodhya
Photo: Zee News

Unwanted Fuss About Building Ramayana Museum In Ayodhya…

The central government wants to build a Ramayana museum on a 25 acre site, 15 kilometers from the Ram Janmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya. This is to promote Lord Rama’s life and the Ramayana, and the religious circuits of – Ramayana Circuit, Krishna Circuit and Buddhist Circuit, and the center has sanctioned funds for the same. The land to be used is free from any issues. Now secular politicians and individuals are objecting – with of course no basis. Should one not construct this museum on land which is free of any issues?

Source: Zee News

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Shah Rukh Khan, Omar Abdullah Detained Again In US Airport
Photo: Google

Quite Normal – Shah Rukh Khan And Omar Abdullah Detained Again In US Airport

While these should be random checks, Omar Abdullah and Shah Rukh Khan were detained thrice in three visits for random secondary immigration checks. They are detained for at least two hours and kept in a detention room. They have taken it sportingly – but what choice do they have. In the earlier era some politicians and media made a big fuss about this – but not much now.

Source: Business Standard

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Leftist Indian Intellectuals
Photo: Swarajyamag

Leftist Indian Intellectuals Are Copycats With Ideas Decades Behind Their Foreign Leaders…

Normally intellectuals by definition are forward looking high-thinkers, but not so in the case of the Indian leftist ones. You know when you see them – several current and former Jawaharlal Nehru University alumni, from Jadavpur University and other leftist universities and some who pass opinion from the power center of Delhi. They celebrate the “lal salaam” or red salute even though it is decades outdated. They want us to follow ideas of Stalin and Lenin of Russia even though the mother country Russia and former Soviet Union countries have moved on to their former traditional values. These intellectuals and the naxalites in different parts follow the Maoist ideas of China while is very capitalistic in nature and building Confucian and Buddhist schools and temples. So perhaps these “misguided” intellectuals need to go to school again…

Source: Swarajyamag

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Arnab Goswami
Photo: Google

Paki Jihadi Groups Now Threatening Arnab Goswami

India’s top news anchor Arnab Goswami is facing life threats from Pakistani supported jihadi groups. Arnab Goswami is a courageous face of TV anchors who is not afraid to ask difficult questions or put those with anti-national views on the spot. This happened recently with Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU, Zakir Nair, our secular politicians or some intellectuals who were opposing the surgical strikes. In light of the threat perception, India government will provide Arnab “Y” level security initially which could be upgraded based on further threat perceptions.

Source: Hindustan Times

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India's Snake Man Has Caught And Released Over 220,000 Snakes
Photo: Daily Mail

India’s Snake Man Has Caught And Released Over 220,000 Snakes

Salem Khan of Bhopal employed by Bhopal’s civic body has been catching snakes for 30 years. Daily he catches nearly 25-30 snakes from bungalows of influential people as well as homes in general, but never kills them. Snakes include cobras, poisonous rattle snakes and vipers and other varieties. Mr. Khan estimates he has caught over 220,000 snakes. He releases the snakes deep into the forest. He says, ‘Snakes are our friends – and not enemies. They also a good friend of farmers as they help kill rats in the fields’.

Source: Daily Mail

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New Lakes Formed In Himachal Pradesh Naturally
Photo: News X

100s Of New Lakes Formed In Himachal Pradesh Naturally…

While in Indian cities lakes are being depleted and converted into urban developments, in the himalayas natural causes are leading to fragile glacial being formed. In Himachal 109 glacial lakes were formed in the Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Satluj river basins in the last two years. In the Satluj basin alone over 350 lakes formed over the past 20 years, and this story repeats. These new lakes have to be monitored closely and regularly as the three year old Uttarakhand floods resulted from such glacial lake outburst floods in the Himalayas, and the high elevations increased the speed and intensity of the water flow.

Source: News X

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Mysuru Palace In A Mess After The Annual Sacred Dusshera Festival
Photo: NDTV

Mysuru Palace In A Mess After The Annual Sacred Dusshera Festival

Mysuru Palace and the titular head of the Mysuru palace hosts the famous annual Dussehra festival which includes the must watch elephant procession from the palace. Both the palace and the festival are considered sacred, and food has never been allowed to be consumed in the darbar hall, let alone leaving behind enormous amount of trash behind. Not surprising the caretaker prince and many others are upset by this development. Incidentally, Mysuru has been ranked the cleanest city in India for two years in a row.

Source: NDTV

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Upset Congress Leaders Says Rahul Gandhi Should Be Sacked...
Photo: News18

Upset Congress Leaders Says Rahul Gandhi Should Be Sacked…

A well known Congress leader, Shailesh Chaubey was very upset with Rahul Gandhi’s abuse and irresponsible “Khoon Ki Dalali” about the Indian Army’s surgical strikes. He feels Rahul Gandhi lacks political skills and is a disgrace to the political party (not country?), and hence should be sacked from the Congress party and should try something else – Rahul is ~45 years old. The Congress leader even circulated a video with his comments which went viral. So will Congress and Sonia Gandhi act against Rahul Gandhi?

Source: First Post

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