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Scary - Pakistanis Are Getting Genuine Aadhar Cards
Photo: Google

Scary – Pakistanis Are Getting Genuine Aadhar Cards…

Kerala police have identified 3 Pakistanis living in a rented house with Aadhar card and several other documents that would make them eligible for Indian citizenship. They used changed names such as Samira was changed to Najma and Kirhon become Kiran. UIDAI officials say this could be an isolated case, but how do they know that? The Aadhar Card was touted to have fool-proof biometric security features. With lakhs and millions of illegal Bangladeshis in the country, and of course terrorists from Pakistan, could people get the Aadhar card and later Indian citizenship quite easily? This matter needs to be fully investigated.

Source: The Hindu

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AIMPLB, The Muslim Board - Are They 70 Years Too Late?
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AIMPLB, The Muslim Board – Are They 70 Years Too Late?

The nation await the Supreme Court judgement on oral talaq, which is opposed by millions of women. The Government of India joined the petition by Muslim women to see the ban of this practice and even offered stated that they would bring a law to ban this. However, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, an unelected body which claims to represent all Muslims kept resisting and resisting on the grounds this is a religious practice and cannot be interfered with. Suddenly, the AIMPLB has a change of heart. They have now filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court which states that “ANY MUSLIM MAIN WHO RESORTS TO TRIPLE TALAQ WILL FACE SOCIAL BOYCOTT“. This is along with other actions. Obviously the Muslim Board is not just late to the petition being heard by the Supreme Court, but they at least 70 years too late since independence?

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Israel Is India's True Friend For Ever
Photo: Times of Israel

Israel Is India’s True Friend For Ever…

Just like Russia, Israel has always been a true friend on India in both good times and bad. During thte 1971 war and later wars, Russia and Israel came to India’s rescue. Now India-Israel relations on all areas, especially in the defence arena continues to grow. India will purchase the latest ong-range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) defense systems for four Indian navy ships worth hundreds of crores. This has a major “make in India” component with India’s Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) and other companies.

Source: Times of Israel

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What President Trump Can Learn From PM Modi
Photo: Rediff

What President Trump Can Learn From PM Modi…

Both are successful people and have come up the hard way and continue to work very hard. President Trump has never been in government, while PM Modi has been a social worker, an an elected representative, a Chief Minister (arguably one of the most successful) and now the prime minister – so in public life most times. Both have earned a solid 30+ million plus Twitter followers who adore their respective leaders. Trump has been hasty, too quick to express his opinion, some politically incorrect, on Twitter on almost anything and anyone. PM Modi tweets are about wishes to one and all, policy and achievements. PM is always found sending wishes and greetings to one and all including his opponents. PM is much less visible, and when he is it is about substance. Both are known to get annoyed or possibly angry, but President Trump’s reaction is public and for to see, while PM Modi is more restrained at best, and mostly not even visible. Trump has moved faster – at least one area PM Modi can copy?

Source: Rediff

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9.15 KM - India's Longest River Bridge To Help North-East
Photo: Daily Pioneer

9.15 KM – India’s Longest River Bridge To Help North-East

9.15km long, as of now the longest river bridge over the Brahmaputra river in Assam will soon come into operation. It will be close to the China border, only about 100 km as the crow flies, and can carry battle tanks weighing over 60 tonnes. So the bridge will help with critically needed connectivity in the North-East, in this case for Assam and Arunachal Pradesh but also to build up our defenses, which was long overdue. The next bridge over the Brahmaputra is hundreds of kilometers away in a region with large distances but limited infrastructure.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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India Going Nuclear… About Time
Photo: Google

India Going Nuclear… About Time

India plans to add at least 10 Nuclear reactors to generate over 7,000 MW of electricity, which exceeds the current capacity of operating reactors. India also celebrated the first nuclear test, Pokharan I, conducted 43 years ago on 18 May, 1974. We are surrounded by different and aggressive neighbors who have tons of nuclear weapons stockpiles. India is also rethinking the “no first use policy”. So will we restart our nuclear weapons programme as both a defensive and offensive. It feels like it and that would be great!

Source: Indian Express

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BJP MLA In UP Arrives In Bullock Cart- Only In India
Photo: Indian Express

BJP MLA In UP Arrives In Bullock Cart – Only In India

BJP MLA Jawahar Lal Rajpoot, from Garautha assembly constituency in Jhansi district arrived in a decorated bullock cart even though he owns a safari car. The MLA is a farmer who has turned to be a politician also said “Neta nahi, Kisan hu me”. What is surprising is that we don’t see more politicians using bullock carts of cycles, the common man’s transportation…

Source: Indian Express

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Kashmir Soldier Umar Fayaz Receives Nations Tributes From Kashmir To India Gate
Photo: Google

Kashmir Soldier Umar Fayaz Receives Nations Tributes From Kashmir To India Gate

Recently, Kashmir’s 22 year old Lt. Umar Fayaz, was killed in cold blood by terrorists. He was on leave to attend a cousin’s marriage where terrorists picked him up and only his body was seen. Leaving behind his family including two sisters, Umar Fayaz graduated from the National Defense Academy in Pune after which he joined the 2 Rajputana Rifles regiment and was posted in Kashmir. Killing a Umar Fayaz will not stop many others from Kashmir or other places to serve honorably in the Indian Army in defending our country.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Kulbhushan Jadav's Life May Be Saved
Photo: Business Standard

Kulbhushan Jadav’s Life May Be Saved…

Former Naval Officer, Kulbhushan Jadav was kidnapped by Pakistani Army from Iran 18 months back and kept in confinement. Pakistan has declined consular access every of the 14 times, a common protocol. In April, Jadav was given the death sentence by a Military Court – all very questionable. Left with no response or choice, India has approached the International Court of Justice to seek proper justice and that Pakistan follow agreed upon international treaty norms and conventions. Hearing will continue which would be a source of great embarrassment for the Pakistani Army. As the charges and evidence is questionable, there is a ray of hope that Jadav would get relief that he is due and is finally released.

Source: Business Standard

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Patanjali, Bahubali - A New India
Photo: Facebook

Patanjali, Bahubali – A New India: Enjoy, Be Proud, What Can We Do…?

Baba Ramdev’s (No Foreign degree, No MBA – only desi values) 1) Patanjali has annual sales of more than Rs. 10,000 crores, second only to one multi-national (which is still far ahead but Patanjali is catching up), and 2) Bahubali 2 – an Indian and global blockbuster which has already recorded sales greater than Rs. 1,000 crores. They don’t praise Pakistan or beat up our Army or armed forces. They ONLY bring out the best of India and only used Indian (sanatan values) and make us all proud!!! We wish them much greater success.

Source: Facebook

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