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UP's Anti-Romeo Squads - To Keep Women Safe
Photo: Indian Express

UP’s Anti Romeo Squads – To Keep Women Safe

BJP’s Election Manifesto for UP was to ensure safety and remove harassment for girls and women. As promised, the government is forming anti-romeo squads in each police station. Each “squad” consists of 5 police personnel with 3 women and 2 men. They patrol schools, colleges, malls, markets and parks and other public areas to keep anti-social elements in check, women and girls safe. Presumably, an unstated objective could be to discourage love-jihad which people say involves using deceit to win over Hindu girls and then convert them to Islam, even if not voluntary. These moves which are the first of its kind at such a large scale, could be copied in other towns, cities and states.

Source: Indian Express

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Lilly Singh - YouTube's Highest Paid Woman
Photo: Google

Lilly Singh – YouTube’s Highest Paid Woman…

28 year old Lilly Singh, of Canada is the highest earning woman YouTube star. She is daughter of Indian parents of Punjabi origin who operate gas stations in Canada. Her production company has interviewed Bill Gates, Michelle Obama and many other stars. She is a success as she talks about confidence and what it takes to succeed, while also making fun of her Punjabi accents, her pimples, her late-virginity. In fact after college, with no clear idea of her future, she was depressed that she thought about ending her life.

Source: Scoopwhoop

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Trump Is Scaring Indians
Photo: Foreign Policy

Trump Is Scaring Indians…

First came the immigration ban, then came much tougher restrictions on H-1B work visa issuance, followed by curtailing of spousal H-4B visa issuance, and then came the several attacks on Indians, a few fatally. Deportation of illegals has started and per government statistics, there are over 500,000 illegal Indians. Key advisers of this government have in the past and now expressed concern and resentment about the number of South Asian (read Indians) students on college campuses and South Asian CEO’s. In 2015, the highest number of immigrants came from India. All this is scaring both the Indians in the US and their families back home to reconsider both continuing in the US or visits by relatives or as tourists. People are starting to wonder if all this, which has happened in only two months is the start of much worse to come.

Source: Foreign Policy

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Should India Have Multiple Time Zones?
Photo: Google

Should India Have Multiple Time Zones?

India and China are the two biggest countries with a single time zone. India time is closest to Allahabad time, which is more central while all of China uses the Beijing time. And Beijing is one end of the country. So for us, it is only five pm when the sun sets in Andaman and Nicobar Islands – which is far east, while the western edge of Gujarat the sun sets at only 8 pm. Multi time zones is a sign of advancement. So let us have a debate on this as also understand the impact of the current single time on those at one extreme versus other. During British rule, while not the best time, India had multiple time zones.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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India Will Not Compromise Anymore...
Photo: Google

India Will Not Compromise Anymore…

With a strong central & national government in India, which is growing stronger with more wins in state elections, Chinese media feel that India will not easily compromise and will have a hardline attitude, making for tough battles on almost any subject. Other countries feel that India’s attitude has gone from trying never to offend (hard to imagine?) to try to maximize its own interests at every opportunity. Well Pakistan is at the receiving end.

Well done India!

Source: TOI

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Google Engineer Returns Back To India...
Photo: Yahoo

Google Engineer Returns Back To India…

Nupur Dave, originally from India who had worked for Google for over ten years called it quits and returned to India. Nupur claims to have a good job and good team, but… a big but was she was growing increasing unhappy with silicon valley. She was single with not time for single life, nearly 2-3 hours commute each day, and the extreme cost of living did not allow her to buy her own house. All this, the growing loneliness and life away from her family caused her to become sadder and sadder. She took the brave decision to call it quits and return to India where she has truly found happiness.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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Desh Mein Modi, Uttar Pradesh Mein Yogi As Chief Minister
Photo: India Today

Desh Mein Modi, Uttar Pradesh Mein Yogi As Chief Minister

43 year MP and Mahant of the Gorakhpur Temple was elected as the 32nd Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Yogiji became the youngest MP of the Lok Sabha at the age of 26 and has continually won all elections as BJP MP of Gorakhpur constituency since 1988. Yogiji is very popular and is highly respected for the work he has done in his constituency for everyone.

Source: The Hitavada

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Brave 21-Year-Old Refuses to Accept Triple Talaq...
Photo: Google

Brave 21-Year-Old Refuses to Accept Triple Talaq…

A brave Pune based 21 year old Muslim woman who is married to a 26 year Muslim man refused to accept the “triple talaq” given to her by her husband. Her parents are in full support of their daughter. In addition to sending a legal notice through her lawyer, she has also file a police complaint where alleges harassment among other actions by the husband and her family. While India permits triple talaq, the matter is subjudice with Supreme Court. More than 20 Muslim countries ban this practice. While India awaits the Supreme Court verdict, such grass roots actions are building pressure and driving positive societal changes.

Source: Indian Express

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Uttar Pradesh to Be Divided Into 3 States...
Photo: Google

Uttar Pradesh to Be Divided Into 3 States…

Uttar Pradesh was already divided as Uttarakhand comprising of hill section was carved out to be a state. Mayawati had passed a bill to divide UP into four states – Awadh, Pashchim Pradesh, Bundelkhand and Purvanchal. BJP won a landslide in UP and rules in the center and is a strong proponent of smaller and more governable smaller states. So it is only a matter of time that the largest state gets divided up. The recently held state elections could be the last of its kind for Uttar Pradesh as we know it.

Source: First Post

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Shahrukh Khan
Photo: Free Press Journal

Shah Rukh Khan Car Accidentally Runs Over Photographer’s Foot – But How?

It is hard to understand how Shah Rukh Khan car could have “accidentally run over” a young photographer’s foot. This can happen with a bicycle or two wheeler but a car – many are scratching their heads? To explain this strange news headline, there are 2 possibilities – either this photographer put his feet under a moving car (possibly due to over eagerness or plain stupidity), or more likely the driver of this car ran over this photographer’s foot who in the car’s path. If the latter is the case then, clearly the driver’s fault. The reporting of this news raises more doubts and questions. Also, we are told that the injured pedestrian is doing fine – should we believe the news anymore?

Source:Free Press Journal

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