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Shocked?... Hindus Not Safe In India, A Hindu Majority Country
Photo: NDTV

Shocked? Hindus not safe in India, A Hindu Majority Country

All Indians should be safe anywhere in India, but SADLY HINDUS INCREASINGLY ARE UNSAFE IN THEIR OWN HINDU MAJORITY COUNTRY. This is happening in Kashmir, now Jammu, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Bengal, Tripura, parts of Assam and others parts of the North-East. Only Hindus are targeted and raped, humiliated, killed and converted. No major newspaper ever covers these things. As Tarun Vijay, a well known parliamentarian said, “the Amarnath pilgrims’ massacre proves once again that the Hindus of India are still paying heavy price for just being a Hindu”.


Source: NDTV

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Air India goes all vegetarian on domestic flights only
Photo: Siasat

Air India Goes All Vegetarian On Domestic Flights Only…

Air India, India’s national carrier has announced that it will stop serving non-vegetarian meals to economy passengers ONLY ON DOMESTIC FLIGHTS – or only within India. One reason sited is cost savings as Air India is generating huge losses. But others could be that non-vegetarian food while being more expensive within India, need more care, refrigeration to avoid getting spoilt adds to more cost and risk. So the question is would they lose customers who get upset by this move or will it not make any difference?

Source: Siasat

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Photo: Google

Israel, A True Friend Had To Wait 70 Years To Meet Our PM

Israel has been India’s true friend at all times. Israel helped India during the 1965 and 1967 wars with Pakistan, again during the 1999 Kargil war and other critical times also. During most of the India since our independence, Indian politicians were more concerned about pleasing the Arab and Palestinian world and the muslim minority seen as a vote bank, and even supporting almost every anti-Israel UN resolutions. There has always been an ongoing hush-hush dialogue, nothing much said publicly. It is only with this current BJP-NDA Indian government, that the strong Israel-India friendship and strategic partnership has been openly talked about. PM Modi recent blockbuster visit to Israel was historic on so many counts – the biggest being finally, this was the first ever visit by an Indian prime minister to Isreal. ISRAEL HAD BEEN KEPT WAITING FOR 70 YEARS. Shalom Israel!

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Man On Wheelchair Caught With Gold Runs Away...
Photo: Hindustan Times

Man On Wheelchair Caught With Gold Runs Away…

Perhaps only in India… a Dubai based businessman returning to India with Rs. 20 lakhs of gold used a wheelchair on purpose to avoid getting caught by Indian customs. The smart Indian customs felt something was odd fishy – so they questioned the person. The man admitted to the gold he was carrying which was seized. After this, the man got up and ran up to everyone surprise and shock.

Source: Times of India

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Does China Want To Start A War With India...?
Photo: Google

Does China Want To Start A War With India…?

China again destroyed Indian bunkers along the Sikkim border. India destroyed and stopped further road building by the Chinese in Indian territory. China wants to snatch away bit by bit territory near the chicken neck area of Assam. India has a strong presence and maintained its strength here. As Chinese plans were blocked for now, they are throwing up verbal threats – their controlled media is warning of possible war like in 1962. So is China planning to start a war with India?

Source: Times of India

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Mamata Banerjee, Bengal CM Should Resign As The Bengal Is Burning...
Photo: Huffingtonpost

Mamata Banerjee, Bengal CM Should Resign As The Bengal Is Burning…

A growing number of people including political leaders say Bengal is burning almost everywhere. In the north there is intense Gorkhaland agitation a recent development, but the state due to intense minority appeasement is seeing communal riots in succession. Houses and shops are burned, people are displayed and Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee either blames her political opponents or claims that the situation is peaceful. The media till recently was maintaining total silence (you could argue selectively) to avoid worsening the situation. Things are so bad that the Mamata did not allow the Governor of the State to speak to the state’d DGP – Director General of Police. So can Mamata restore peace in the state, has she lost all credibility, can she be trusted, have things gotten out of control? Under these conditions, it might be best for Mamata to take responsibility and resign.

Source: First Post

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Priyanka Chopra's Bare Legged Meeting With PM, Needless Controversy
Photo: Times of India

Priyanka Chopra’s Bare Legged Meeting With PM… Needless Controversy

A needless controversy got sparked about Priyanka Chopra’s bare legged meeting with PM Modi. Firstly she was nicely dressed and was wearning a skirt, and naturally with a skirt the legs below the knee is exposed. Madhu Chopra, Priyanka’s mother explained that this was an unscheduled last minute meeting, so Priyanka had to rush to make it. So would this clear the air?

Source: Times of India

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Photo: Business Today


With the GST roll out, 22 states have removed the notorious checkposts and others states are planning to do the same. We all know about these checkposts as we leave and enter a new state by bus or car, there are lines of trucks with full loads waiting to cross. These checkposts are famous for bribes and cause for great frustration to truckers and the transportation industry. There are more steps to go, but this is step one.

Source: Business Today

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Yoga Getting More Popular In Nagaland, A Christian Majority State...
Photo: Google

Yoga Getting More Popular In Nagaland, A Christian Majority State…

During the first International Yoga Day, there was only lukewarm interest in the local populace of Nagaland as it was viewed as a Hindu practice (which it is), a state that has become Christian majority. However, in recent months interest in learning and practicing Yoga has picked up in a big way, even if not to that extent for Hinduism. We admire the people’s open mindedness.

Source: DNA India

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Selection of Shri Kovind, India's Next President - Was Tightly Kept Secret...
Photo: India Today

Selection of Shri Kovind, India’s Next President – Was Tightly Kept Secret…

Shri Ram Nath Kovind’s selection to become the next President of India was a tightly kept secret that only a handful knew. So when this was announced it was total surprise for everyone. Over the broad two month search process, many expected names did the rounds, but Shri Kovind’s name was never mentioned. Shri Kovind, from Kanpur in UP, was spotted by the BJP leadership during the run up to the 2014 Loks Sabha elections. He gave up his personal interests to become an MP for party work and to canvas Dalit voters. During the Bihar elections, PM Modi spoke highly of him. So there were some hints but otherwise this decision, while a very good one, came as a total surprise.

Source: India Today

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