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Aadhaar Has Already Saved Rs.70,000Crore
Photo: Theguardian

‘Aadhaar Has Already Saved Rs. 70,000 Crore And Much More To Come…

India has issued Aadhaar cards to nearly 120 crore residents (remember it is not a citizenship test), and it is fast becoming a safe, secure, trusted source of ones identity.

Ad in addition, Aadhaar has allowed us to root out corruption and save precious taxpayers money in many ways. These include:

* Cancellation of more than 3.5 crore-plus fake LPG connections

* Exposing of 3 crore fake ration cards

* Exposing of 1 crore plus fake MGNREGA accounts

* Exposing of 4.4 lakh-plus ghost mid-day meal scheme accounts

* Finding 1.3 lakh ghost teachers and even 13 lakh ghost farmer accounts.

All in all, more than Rs. 70,000 crores has already been saved and multiples of this amount are likely to be saved in the coming years !!!

Source: Swarajyamag

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Mostly Women Are Terrorists
Photo: Opindia

‘Kerala Gov’t Says Crores Of Ayyappa Protestors, Mostly Women, Are Terrorists…

Not only does the Kerala government want to deliberately hurt the majority community (Hindus) sentiment by violating 2,000 year old traditions of the Ayyappa Swami temple, BUT IT IS CALLING ALL PROTESTORS TERRORISTS … REALLY.

Nearly 5 Crore of ordinary and everyday Keralites – of all ages, from all castes and walks of live have taken time out of their busy days to spontaneously protest both the Supreme Court controversial ruling to allow women of all ages into the temple, and the Kerala government’s rush to implement this.


Source: Opindia

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CRPF Soldiers Keep Dying To Keep Us Safe
Photo: The pioneer

‘Our CRPF Soldiers Keep Dying And Dying And Dying…To Keep Us Safe

Four more personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were killed in broad daylight in Naxalite infested Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. Six soldiers were traveling in a mine protected vehicle when the naxalites triggered a powerful land mine blast – 4 soldiers died and 2 were badly injured.


We are slowly clearing districts after districts of naxalites and the total number of soldier losses are going down. BUT THERE ARE STILL LOSSES …LET US NEVER FORGET THAT … AND ALSO THE SACRIFICES OF THESE SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

Source: The pioneer

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Sanitary Napkins Inside Temple
Photo: Google

‘Should One Take “Used Sanitary Napkins” Inside Temple And Specially Lord Ayyappa?

Supreme Court’s controversial ruling allowing entry of women of All Ages into Lord Ayyappa temple has met with immense sadness, anger and protests by lakhs and crores of devotees (specially led by women of all ages) in Kerala and all over India. This logic of this ruling is being questioned and appealed.

One activist – Rehana Fathima, per news reports had told friends that she was carrying blood soaked used sanitary napkins in her “Irumudi” or the basket one carries on one’s head. And she was planning to throw this at Lord Ayyappa itself at his sanctum sanctorum?


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Kerala Ig Police Rumoured
Photo: Postcard News

‘Kerala Ig Police Rumoured To Apologise To Lord Ayyappa Swami – Speaks Of The Faith Of The Lord …

After the highly controversial and some might say hasty Supreme Court verdict, Kerala IGP S Sreejith stated possibly under pressure from their bosses, the Kerala Communist Government, that “the police will do their duty at any cost and will do everything possible to implement the Supreme Court verdict.” The IG Police and the police force has come under heavy criticism. This officer and his crew were seen escorting women of other faiths into the temple complex (but luckily no one to gain entry) and was even seen giving his police uniform and helmet, which is against service rules.

Now it is being reported that IG Police S. Sreejith who is also a Ayyappa devotee, WHICH MEANS HE ABIDES BY LORD AYYAPPA’S WISHES ON ENTRY RESTRICTIONS, entered the temple as civilian (and not as a police officer) was seen weeping while offering prayers at the sanctum sanatorium of the temple.

It is no doubt a difficult choice, but common sense would tell you that a 1,000 year tradition should get more respect than a hasty Supreme Court decision which may eventually get overturned and if not, a law may be passed to allow devotees in a way that respects the Lord!

Source: Postcard

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Lord Ayyappa
Photo: Google

‘Lord Ayyappa Ruling, Sc’s “Un-Commonsense Ruling” To Change 1,000 Yr Traditions ? …

The Supreme Court by passing the  judgement on 24th September 2018 overturned the nearly 1,000 years of Lord Ayyappa Swami temple’s traditions which restricted the entry of women devotees of “menstrual age groups”.

The judgement has shattered the hopes and dreams of millions of devotees worldover. Some say even though the judgment refers to the Indian constitution – it is lacking in basic common sense. There are millions of “Hindu” temples in India and only a handful have restrictions on devotees – some ban males, some females and some for other reasons due to reasons are laid out in the religious scriptures.

Despite this, in Supreme Court ruling in a majority judgement overruled the ban on ONE TEMPLE on account of equality, gender discrimination and equating it to the banning of untouchability. This judgement has come even though the vast majority of affected women are more than happy to wait out their turn.

All of us should keep certain critical things in mind: *  THE TEMPLE IS NOT A PUBLIC PLACE like a bus stand: A temple is the abode of the devata who has been invoked through the rituals during the temple’s initiation. At Sabarimala, Lord Ayyappa’s abode, it is his writ that runs whether it pleases one or not. And if you not a believer – you have no business being concerned about the Lord and his wishes. *  NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHTS IN A TEMPLE – such ideas do not exist and you serve at the pleasure of the deity of what he wants and how wants it. *  HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE LORD OR DEVATA WANTS? Each temple is guided by the “Agamas” or book of rituals which defines the functioning of each temple and who and how to pray to the deity. While great damage has been done by the SC judgment and the haste by which the Kerala government wants to implement it or shall we say break traditions, let us hope for good sense by all to go back to following the age old traditions and rituals which gives us great diversity.

Source: Indiafacts

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Was ISRO Scientist Wrongly Arrested And Accused
Photo: Google

‘Was ISRO Scientist Wrongly Arrested And Accused? Awarded Rs. 50 Lacs…

Nambi Narayanan was arrested along with another scientist in 1994 for stealing ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) secrets and selling to 2 women from Maldives.

Narayanan was acquitted in this case. But now the Supreme Court has awarded Rs. 50 lakhs as “blatant violation” of his right to light – which is a precedent setting ruling, and in addition Narayanan will continue his civil lawsuit against the Kerala government for this wrongful arrest.

Hope Narayanan gets justice due to him. In addition several of our Space and Nuclear scientists have died mysteriously – are there foreign hands who wish to stop India’s advancement? These need to be fully investigated and our scientists safeguarde…

Source: Timesofindia

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No Major Bomb Blasts
Photo: Indianexpress

‘A Good Thing – No Major Bomb Blasts In Last 4 Years…

There WERE NO MAJOR BOMB BLASTS IN THE LAST 4 YEARS – yes true during the rule of the current government. Some of us question that. No doubt there were several terrorist activities, home made smaller bomb blasts in West Bengal and no end to protests in Kashmir. But a major attack on the general population – really very easy to carry out – did not happen.

Many other countries see this as a daily event but not us. So let us thank our security forces, police forces and the government. And do our ever watchful for our safety, those around us and public safety…

Source: News18

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Too Much Social Media Causes Sleep Issues
Photo: Zeenews

‘Air Force Pilots – Too Much Social Media Causes Sleep Issues – No Surprise Really!

India’s Air Force chief said that their pilots are spending too much time on social media which is causing sleep deprivation. As a result this is impacting the ability of our Air Force pilots. Also no surprise – too much social media is taking away interpersonal and communication skills.

The Air Force Chief said pilots who had been drinking too much can be observed and stopped from flying. The barman could spot and report then so that they don’t fly. But with social media it is much harder to know when anyone and especially the pilots have been up too late.

This could impact their flying and even cause accidents and fatalities. It was noted that such an issue caused an accident in 2013. A real human issue with pilots on social media – but we also need to ensure pilots safety and the defence readiness of our armed forces….

Source: Zeenews

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Female SWAT Unit For PM and VVIPS
Photo: OpIndia

‘1st In India – An All Women S.W.A.T. Team Part Of Red Fort Security For PM & Other VVIPS…

India’s first ever (and could be world’s first ever) 36 member all women S.W.A.T. team was part of the extensive security arrangements for the Independence day at Red Fort. This SWAT team is part of Delhi Police which oversees Independence Day security at the Red Fort.

A successful SWAT team member – man or woman needs to go through harsh physical and mental training for over 12 months on weapons handling, counter-terrorism amongst other things.

The 36 member team, all women constables are from our North-Eastern states – wear the prized blue uniforms and always carry lethal guns. So ALL Delhiites – a call to action –> GIVE YOUR BEST WISHES AND MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME IN YOUR CITY.. The more at home they are – the more effective they will be in protecting You!

Source: OpIndia

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