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Was ISRO Scientist Wrongly Arrested And Accused
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‘Was ISRO Scientist Wrongly Arrested And Accused? Awarded Rs. 50 Lacs…

Nambi Narayanan was arrested along with another scientist in 1994 for stealing ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) secrets and selling to 2 women from Maldives.

Narayanan was acquitted in this case. But now the Supreme Court has awarded Rs. 50 lakhs as “blatant violation” of his right to light – which is a precedent setting ruling, and in addition Narayanan will continue his civil lawsuit against the Kerala government for this wrongful arrest.

Hope Narayanan gets justice due to him. In addition several of our Space and Nuclear scientists have died mysteriously – are there foreign hands who wish to stop India’s advancement? These need to be fully investigated and our scientists safeguarde…

Source: Timesofindia

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No Major Bomb Blasts
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‘A Good Thing – No Major Bomb Blasts In Last 4 Years…

There WERE NO MAJOR BOMB BLASTS IN THE LAST 4 YEARS – yes true during the rule of the current government. Some of us question that. No doubt there were several terrorist activities, home made smaller bomb blasts in West Bengal and no end to protests in Kashmir. But a major attack on the general population – really very easy to carry out – did not happen.

Many other countries see this as a daily event but not us. So let us thank our security forces, police forces and the government. And do our ever watchful for our safety, those around us and public safety…

Source: News18

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Too Much Social Media Causes Sleep Issues
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‘Air Force Pilots – Too Much Social Media Causes Sleep Issues – No Surprise Really!

India’s Air Force chief said that their pilots are spending too much time on social media which is causing sleep deprivation. As a result this is impacting the ability of our Air Force pilots. Also no surprise – too much social media is taking away interpersonal and communication skills.

The Air Force Chief said pilots who had been drinking too much can be observed and stopped from flying. The barman could spot and report then so that they don’t fly. But with social media it is much harder to know when anyone and especially the pilots have been up too late.

This could impact their flying and even cause accidents and fatalities. It was noted that such an issue caused an accident in 2013. A real human issue with pilots on social media – but we also need to ensure pilots safety and the defence readiness of our armed forces….

Source: Zeenews

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Female SWAT Unit For PM and VVIPS
Photo: OpIndia

‘1st In India – An All Women S.W.A.T. Team Part Of Red Fort Security For PM & Other VVIPS…

India’s first ever (and could be world’s first ever) 36 member all women S.W.A.T. team was part of the extensive security arrangements for the Independence day at Red Fort. This SWAT team is part of Delhi Police which oversees Independence Day security at the Red Fort.

A successful SWAT team member – man or woman needs to go through harsh physical and mental training for over 12 months on weapons handling, counter-terrorism amongst other things.

The 36 member team, all women constables are from our North-Eastern states – wear the prized blue uniforms and always carry lethal guns. So ALL Delhiites – a call to action –> GIVE YOUR BEST WISHES AND MAKE THEM FEEL AT HOME IN YOUR CITY.. The more at home they are – the more effective they will be in protecting You!

Source: OpIndia

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India To Curb
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‘About Time … India To Curb & Put Checks On Tech Giants…

For most educated people in the world, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are practically controlling their lives – people are addicted to them and through our usage have access and control of all kinds of personal data. For the growing Indian smartphone users – over 400 million at last count, this is not different.

So on eve of our Independence day, we learn that Indian government wants to put “some checks” on these tech giants. Some of these include: –

Require all citizens data as it relates to e-commerce, social media, search engines to be stored “exclusively in India”. This also applies to Indian companies that have data stored overseas. Yes this will cause some additional data center costs but don’t forget that we are the second largest internet market and the fastest growing one in the world.

– Indian government wants to level the playing field and encourage domestic innovation to boost the Indian digital economy.

– Close some loopholes that give favourable treatment to foreign e-commerce companies that skirt around foreign ownership rules.

In some ways, we are learning from China which has done these things successfully and also has a world class tech industry and companies. SO AS WE GET READY TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY, INDIAN GOVERNMENT IS WORKING TO ENABLE INDIA AND CRORES OF INDIANS TO GAIN INDEPENDENCE FROM THE GLOBAL TECH GIANTS…this should long overdue and we all should welcome that!!!

As usual the technical industry SURPRISING THOSE IN INDIA ARE OPPOSING. Not sure what is wrong with them – or perhaps they want to be controlled by the industry of another country…

Source: Morningstar

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MLA Resigns To Protest Cow Slaughter
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‘MLA Resigns To Protest Cow Slaughter…Does Telangana Have Its Own Rules?

Well known MLA Goshamahal T. Raja Singh has submitted his resignation. Shri Raja Singh has openly accused the ruling TRS party and the Owaisi led AIMIM of supporting on a large scale the illegal supply of cattle to slaughter houses in Hyderabad ahead of the Bakrid festival, and also helping illegal slaughter houses to export cow meat to other states. BOTH THESE ACTIONS ARE ILLEGAL.

Telangana has a law on the books which prohibits Cow / Cattle Slaughter – but the state government is yet to implement it. It is just like rowdy’s or the local bully being allowed to pick and choose which laws they like and chose to follow and which ones they don’t like???

Source: TheHindu

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RBI To Give Govt Of India
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‘RBI To Give Gov’t Of India Rs. 50,000 Crore Profit…

Reserve Bank of India will transfer a Rs. 50,000 crore profit as a dividend to Government of India for financial year ending March 2018. Not just the profit, RBI does not need these funds as it is one of the top most capitalised banks in the world – what a thought!

This profit would be one of the highest ever profits given to the government – the financial community was expecting much less than this. So this is wonderful news for the government which would use these funds to further help public sector banks reduce their losses and help fund more infrastructure investments

Source: Livemint

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Lord Ayyappa The Celibate Deity Will Remain So
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‘Lord Ayyappa, The Celibate Deity Will Remain So…Despite A Wrong Supreme Court Petition

Lord Ayyappa rules the Sabarimala (mala means hills and mountains) is a Brahmachari and celibate. For tens and thousands of years, per the Lord and temple’s tantric & religious traditions, girls & women under 10 years and over 50 years could visit the temple and get close to the Lord but not those between the age of 10 to 50 as they are in the age when they have menstrual cycles.

A large number of women were willing to wait out till they reached the eligible age to visit the temple, however several other women were understandably upset about the temple’s age restrictions on women only. Added to this, as in most things in India, there were a group of “publicity seeking activists” and a floating group who joined together to challenge and strike the temple’s centuries old traditions.

it is always a sad day when age old temple traditions are challenged in a modern court of law. Despite this, the Supreme Court, after multiple hearing from varied stakeholders including the temple priests and caretakers, right concluded that the Lord Ayyappa wishes and the restrictive Temple traditions must be respected and cannot be overruled. We only hope such challenges are not even allowed in the future, and hope the Lord would forgive those who seek to challenge its wishes…

Source: Swarajyamag

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PM Modi Should Not Attend Paki PM Swearing
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Foolish And Toooooo Risky… PM Modi Should Not Attend Paki Pm’s Swearing In…

Former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan will take office as prime minister of Pakistan. There are rumours that he may invite leaders of neighbouring countries – including PM Modi to the swearing in ceremony. So should our PM visit or send a representative…

Pakistan is not a safe country for an visitor in normal times. On top of this, as is well known there is so much hatred against our PM who is thought of as the devil. PAKISTAN’S SECURITY FORCES ARE KNOWN TO MURDER PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT – AND HERE WOULD BE THEIR NO. 1 ENEMY…………This is more than enough reason for our Leaders – especially our PM to NOT visit Pakistan now or anytime in the near future…….

Source: DailyO

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Fake Engineering Colleges
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India Has Nearly 300 Fake Engineering Colleges – Students Badly Suffer…

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) says there are nearly 300 FAKE ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN INDIA and these are in many states as you can see the image. TO BE GENUINE AND APPROVED AND NOT BE FAKE, A COLLEGE NEEDS TO GET APPROVAL FROM THE AICTE for its degree programmes, coursework.

Sadly students have got enrolled, paid large sums of money in fees and finally have been issued degrees from such fake colleges and universities. But sadly –> such degrees and marks are not valid for higher education and government jobs.

The AICTE has been running advertisements in multiple languages with names of such fake colleges in local newspapers. However, as law and order is a state subject, each state has to enforce the law by shutting down such fake and unapproved college…

Source: BangaloreMirror

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