AAP Party - From Fastest Growing To Fastest Shrinking Party
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AAP Party – From Fastest Growing To Fastest Shrinking Party…

Till a year ago it seemed like the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was the fastest growing. It was setting up offices in every state and contesting most elections. People were joining in droves. In the Delhi state elections they won 67 out of the 70 MLA seats. But recently, AAP is only seeing losses – it lost Punjab heavily despite campaigning over a long time, and in Goa where almost all its candidates lost their security deposit. In the Delhi MCD elections, once again and surprisingly AAP recorded heavy losses with BJP winning 2/3rd of the combined seats. Nowadays there is no more buzz or does one hear people joining AAP anymore. So it has gone form recently being one of the fastest growing parties in modern India to becoming the fastest shrinking party. Some say the party could be headed for a split…

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Opposition Feels EVMs Are Rigged Only In States They Lose...
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Opposition Feels EVMs Are Rigged Only In States They Lose…

Congress and over 10 opposition parties have petitioned the Election Commission stating that EVM (Electronic Voting Machines) were either faulty or rigged to favor only one opponent (BJP of course). So they site the results of UP and Uttarakhand, but don’t cite Punjab (which Congress won) or Bengal (where TMC won and there were so many allegations of illegal voting), or in Delhi where AAP won 67 out of 70 MLA seats, or in sevaral previous elections. Regarding VVPAT machines – where the EVMs give a paper receipt and a good idea, the Congress which was in power for ten years saw no urgency to implement it. Now they say the Central government is delaying implementation.

Does all this make sense… as CITIZENS AND VOTERS YOU DECIDE!!!

Source: NDTV

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Navjot Sidhu Joins Congress
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Navjot Sidhu Says Ghar Wapsi Now – Till The Next Time?

Cricketer and comedian who is also a politician with little in way of accomplishments, does a Ghar Wapsi with his wife who is also a politician. He says he was born a Congressman. But per news reports, he and his wife “almost” joined AAP. Sidhu seems really critical of the Akalis, and if one were to guess is it could be personal. But he was with BJP all these years. Okay – but what was he doing all these years? And, one can only wait and wonder where he may float next?

Source: Indian Express

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AAP's Kejriwal & Sisodia are accused of corruption
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Anti-corruption activist Subramanian Swamy has leveled serious charges of “hawala at midnight” scandal of corruption against Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and the Aam Admi Party (AAP). The charges include milking several VAT defaulters. In another hawala at midnight scam, AAP controlled by Kejriwal and Sisodia, received several crores from related companies on the same day – a strange coincidence. Now Swamy has asked sought approval of Delhi Lt Governor to prosecute these two and the AAP party.

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Kejriwal & AAP  INTENSIFY AGITATION for Delhi Statehood

Kejriwal & AAP INTENSIFY AGITATION for Delhi Statehood

As AAP & Kejriwal are always in INTENSE AGITATION mode, how more can they really intensify this agitation for an issue that is not at all contentious as the media is making it out to be. Learning from AAP, now Delhi government employees are protesting against their government.

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