History Repeats Again? Indians Not Welcome In USA...
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History Repeats Again? Indians Not Welcome In USA…

USA issued an presidential executive order to dramatically alter the H1-B Visa programme, of which Indians were the biggest beneficiaries taking up more than 85% of the visa slots. Overtime, Indians added family members and then went on to become citizens and settle down in USA where they now comprise over 30 lakhs. While the executive order hits all prospects, it hits Indians and its computer professionals the hardest. Now it becomes much much harder to get these visas. Some view the order as a repeat of what happened in 1917 when the US Congress passed a law to explicity to keep Indians from immigrating to USA. It was then called the “Hindu menace” a term used to describe all Indians then, and avoid diluting the dominant white race of USA.

Source: Huffingtonpost

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