Angry India Wants Action For Uri Attack... But PM Modi Will Make Pakistan Bleed 'Without Noise'
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Angry India Wants Action For Uri Attack… But PM Modi Will Make Pakistan Bleed ‘Without Noise’

India, its soldiers, and the families of the martyred soldiers are all very angry with Pakistan and wants immediate action. This is understandable. A counter attack on Pakistan sets a dangerous precedent and could spiral into war with a nuclear armed neighbour. While Indians are debating every action in detail as is our nature, don’t expect this government to make public its thinking on future actions. Some things have already happened: there will not be any joint military exercises in PoK – Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Russia, with the second strongest military will NOT supply MIG-35 to Pakistan. Several countries are supporting India, the majors but also Saudi Arabia (you read right). In case of a war, Afghanistan has promised to provide a military base for Indian operations. And we can only guess that more is coming. In fact Pakistani strategists have said, that ‘Modi is not for war, but he will make Pakistan Bleed Without Making Noise! We should all remember that our PM is looking for a PERMANENT SOLUTION, not for some temporary win!


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