Infosys May Become More American Than Indian Company

Infosys May Become More American Than Indian Company…

USA under the new government is working on making changes to the critical H1-B visas that Infosys and several other Indian IT companies have benefited. To presumably deflect this political pressure, Inforsys has announced plans to hire more than 10,000 US locals in programming, artificial intelligence and R&D and setup four technology and innovation hubs. With these changes, Infosys would be still be based in Bengaluru, India but could see a big shift of work to USA, which could the start of them looking more more like an American company…Other of its local Indian competitors are equally affected by the growing USA restrictions, but have yet to announce such ambitious USA expansion plans.

Source: Times of India

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Mass Molestation In Bengaluru On New Year's Eve... Why?
Photo: Swarajyamag

Mass Molestation In Bengaluru On New Year’s Eve… Why?

Bengaluru is a beautiful city with friendly citizens. But this new year eve faced a case of mass molestation of women by drunkard and other men, which till now was completely unheard of. We have heard of such incidents in Cologne, Germany, Norway and other countries by never in India – so really shocking. What came next was just as troubling. Karnataka’s home minister said such incidents were ‘regular’ and that women should not have been out on the street in the first place. He also implied that the women invited sexual assault as they were copying westerners in all ways. Abu Azmi of Samajwadi party said these things happened as the women deviated form Indian culture. So far no FIRs has been filed, and media also did not come out as strongly as possible again these irresponsible statements. Instead of such irresponsible statements, the state’s home minister and police need to fully investigate the criminal act and punish all the perpetrators.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Bengaluru speaks in Kannada
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My Dream: Everyone in Bangalore Speaks Kannada – We Agree!!!

Bangalore or Bengaluru is being overrun by those from outsiders. Kannadigas are in general mellow and nice. Outsiders have come to enjoy nice climate year round, the nice people, the great food and of course good opportunities. SHOULD THEY NOT AT LEAST LEARN TO SPEAK KANNADA – it is a small request?

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Bengaluru will be a dead city in 5 years
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An IISC (Indian Institute of Science) study claims the headline – Bengaluru will become unlivable in 5 years. The thinking behind this is that the city has grown five times, while its vegetation has declined by nearly 80%, and it has lost 80% of its vital water sources. Once a naturally air conditioned city, the city relied on over 600 lakes and ponds on keep it cool and green, but many of these water sources have been lost or urbanized. It gets its water from the Cauvery river which is 100 kms away, and flows 1,000 feet deep – so if this river dries up, the city could die. So Bengaluru is in trouble, but so are many other Indian cities.

Source: News18

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Water Shortage in Bengaluru
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Bengaluru is facing an acute and growing water crisis, and per reports that by 2025 the city may need to be evacuated. Borewells are being dug deeper and deeper even more than 1,000 feet deep, and in places it is multiple attempts as earlier ones become dry. Both in the city and state, while rainfall is around 13-15 centimeters per year, borewells are drawing water at three to four times. The expected causes and solutions are population growth, consumption growth, buildings and development but also poor planning on the part the city. Sadly, the rural areas are suffering even more and declining groundwater levels are reducing how much agricultural land can be cultivated.

Source: Economic Times

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