Indian Students Have Big Big Concerns About Study In USA...
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Indian Students Have Big Big Concerns About Study In USA…

Indian students who form one of the biggest chunk of the million plus international students who study in US colleges and universities are reported to have big concerns about their visit and study in US colleges and universities. US educational institutions who receive billions of dollars in fees are big beneficiaries of India and foreign student enrollments who generally pay the full out of state tuition rates, which are amongst the highest tuition fees charged to anyone. Unlike the past, a recent student survey noted big worries of the visiting Indian students.

The 3 big worries stand out:

1) they worry about hate crimes that could be directly at Indian students and community at large similar to several recent incidents at Kansas City and elsewhere;

2) a feeling of being unwelcome on college campuses – and being left out of college campus life; and

3) it would be much more difficult to get H1B work visas. Already this year, Indian student enrollment is down and we have to see what happens in the future months and years.

Source: Yahoo

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