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Israel, A True Friend Had To Wait 70 Years To Meet Our PM

Israel has been India’s true friend at all times. Israel helped India during the 1965 and 1967 wars with Pakistan, again during the 1999 Kargil war and other critical times also. During most of the India since our independence, Indian politicians were more concerned about pleasing the Arab and Palestinian world and the muslim minority seen as a vote bank, and even supporting almost every anti-Israel UN resolutions. There has always been an ongoing hush-hush dialogue, nothing much said publicly. It is only with this current BJP-NDA Indian government, that the strong Israel-India friendship and strategic partnership has been openly talked about. PM Modi recent blockbuster visit to Israel was historic on so many counts – the biggest being finally, this was the first ever visit by an Indian prime minister to Isreal. ISRAEL HAD BEEN KEPT WAITING FOR 70 YEARS. Shalom Israel!

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Not A Joke, Rahul Gandhi Is Planning To Read The Gita, Upanishads, etc....
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Not A Joke, Rahul Gandhi Is Planning To Read The Gita, Upanishads, etc….

Initially it might have come across as a joke, but NO it is real. Rahul Gandhi has started reading India’s most sacred and oldest texts – the Bhagwad Gita, Upanishads. The Big Reason – while one might have thought this would help to understand India’s heritage and what binds us all – well not quite. Rahul Gandhi’s objectives are purely political – to understand his opponents as his he fighting them – RSS and the Sangh Parivar, BJP and everyone connected with them. On a related note, a large silent majority probably feels India’s leader present and future should be required to understand India’s most sacred and historical texts…

Source: Indian Express

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BJP MLA In UP Arrives In Bullock Cart- Only In India
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BJP MLA In UP Arrives In Bullock Cart – Only In India

BJP MLA Jawahar Lal Rajpoot, from Garautha assembly constituency in Jhansi district arrived in a decorated bullock cart even though he owns a safari car. The MLA is a farmer who has turned to be a politician also said “Neta nahi, Kisan hu me”. What is surprising is that we don’t see more politicians using bullock carts of cycles, the common man’s transportation…

Source: Indian Express

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Indian Opposition Collapsing & Disappearing - All Their Own Fault
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Indian Opposition Collapsing & Disappearing – All Their Own Fault…

Can you imagine – suddenly western countries, who have enough problems of their own, have started worrying about the collapse and growing irrelevance of our opposition parties. They were champions of the Congress for decades and were really excited about the AAP, but were almost always unfairly and highly critical of the BJP. Why – because BJP represents the dominant majority, are nationalist, want to promote development and reduce corruption. Our opposition is collapsing because – they remain highly corrupt, don’t believe in development, believe in divide and conquer and most importantly want to promote minorities at the great expense of the majority. Added to this, they present no new ideas. So old ideas, old leaders, dynastic and corrupt politics will not work with an inspirational India with growing confidence and impatience, with a youth population that exceeds 65%. So no surprise or tears for opposition parties becoming irrelevant or disappearing…

Source: Economist

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Opposition Feels EVMs Are Rigged Only In States They Lose...
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Opposition Feels EVMs Are Rigged Only In States They Lose…

Congress and over 10 opposition parties have petitioned the Election Commission stating that EVM (Electronic Voting Machines) were either faulty or rigged to favor only one opponent (BJP of course). So they site the results of UP and Uttarakhand, but don’t cite Punjab (which Congress won) or Bengal (where TMC won and there were so many allegations of illegal voting), or in Delhi where AAP won 67 out of 70 MLA seats, or in sevaral previous elections. Regarding VVPAT machines – where the EVMs give a paper receipt and a good idea, the Congress which was in power for ten years saw no urgency to implement it. Now they say the Central government is delaying implementation.

Does all this make sense… as CITIZENS AND VOTERS YOU DECIDE!!!

Source: NDTV

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UP's Anti-Romeo Squads - To Keep Women Safe
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UP’s Anti Romeo Squads – To Keep Women Safe

BJP’s Election Manifesto for UP was to ensure safety and remove harassment for girls and women. As promised, the government is forming anti-romeo squads in each police station. Each “squad” consists of 5 police personnel with 3 women and 2 men. They patrol schools, colleges, malls, markets and parks and other public areas to keep anti-social elements in check, women and girls safe. Presumably, an unstated objective could be to discourage love-jihad which people say involves using deceit to win over Hindu girls and then convert them to Islam, even if not voluntary. These moves which are the first of its kind at such a large scale, could be copied in other towns, cities and states.

Source: Indian Express

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Uttar Pradesh to Be Divided Into 3 States...
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Uttar Pradesh to Be Divided Into 3 States…

Uttar Pradesh was already divided as Uttarakhand comprising of hill section was carved out to be a state. Mayawati had passed a bill to divide UP into four states – Awadh, Pashchim Pradesh, Bundelkhand and Purvanchal. BJP won a landslide in UP and rules in the center and is a strong proponent of smaller and more governable smaller states. So it is only a matter of time that the largest state gets divided up. The recently held state elections could be the last of its kind for Uttar Pradesh as we know it.

Source: First Post

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BJP's UP Win - The Biggest Ever
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BJP’s UP Win – The Biggest Ever…

BJP win of 312 and allies of 13 & its allies for a total of 325 seats won out of 403 seats or nearly 81% of the seats which is the biggest victory in the largest state in India. A big factor was a massive Hindu consolidation with very small proportion of Muslim votes. This is a vote for vikas, development for all, against minority (read appeasement) at the cost of the majority community and against goondaism. This victory is far bigger than Indira Gandhi in the pre-divided Uttar Pradesh, and much bigger than the 1990s mandir consolidation. Congratulations to the party!!! We may be moving past caste calculations to performance and messages … another positive trend.

Source: Swarajyamag

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Navjot Sidhu Joins Congress
Photo: Indian Express

Navjot Sidhu Says Ghar Wapsi Now – Till The Next Time?

Cricketer and comedian who is also a politician with little in way of accomplishments, does a Ghar Wapsi with his wife who is also a politician. He says he was born a Congressman. But per news reports, he and his wife “almost” joined AAP. Sidhu seems really critical of the Akalis, and if one were to guess is it could be personal. But he was with BJP all these years. Okay – but what was he doing all these years? And, one can only wait and wonder where he may float next?

Source: Indian Express

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Voters Give Demonetization A Big Thumps Up
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Voters Give Demonetization A Big Thumps Up – BJP Win Two Key States

Political commentators thoughts demonetization would backfire on the ruling party. Instead during the recent local and panchayat level elections in Maharashtra and Gujarat, BJP made a clean sweep in both states in a big way. There were always many issues, drought, regional and community agitations such as Marathwada and Patildars. The big recent programme and potential public issue was the demonetization. Opposition parties are leading agitations, bandhs and stalling parliament. But at the ground level voters have spoken in a big and convincingly way about how they see it. So would the opposition listen and respect the verdict?

Source: DNA India

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Kejriwal sell His FatherKejriwal sell His Father
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Will Kejriwal Sell His Father Even He Has To?

Arvind Kejriwal who makes ridiculous statements most of the time, possibly to stay in the media limelight, but the most recent statement went over the top. He said that “the BJP does not belong to anyone. They don’t even belong to their father. BJP have the greed of power and money, and if needed they will even sell their father”. What a thing to say – pretty shocking right? So if the things like this, does Arvind Kejriwal also feel that ‘Kejriwal will sell his father’ if he has to?

Source: Sify

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Shocking Bjp! You Sacked Goa Rss Chief...
Photo: Swarajyamag

Shocking Bjp! You Sacked Goa Rss Chief For Opposing Funding Only Church Run Schools?

Subhash Velingkar, now the former chief of the Goa RSS unit, had honourably and with full dedication served the RSS for over 50 years. He was effectively sacked by the local BJP unit for opposing now BJP minority appeasement programme. A 2012 BJP government notification said that while the government will continue to fund all Konkani and Marathi schools, it would continue to fund “minority institutions (read Church run schools) that shifted to English medium would continue to receive funds”. The battle between RSS and BJP has been going on from 2012 till now, but BJP would not change their unfair policies, leading to further clash and this unfortunate development. And of course, the media never reports the real story…

Source: Swarajyamag

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Bihar View
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In Bihar, Alcohol Banned, But Why Are 15 Factories Active?

Bihar’s Chief Minister claims to have banned alcohol in Bihar, and is now urging PM for country-wide prohibition. However, it is now being reported that BJP and others opposition parties note that there are at least 15 alcohol factories active in Bihar…

Source: Asianage

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West Bengal govt has banned BJP MPs and MLAs from visiting or holding rallies in the Bengal’s Malda district – they were on a fact finding mission about the recent estimated lakh or more Muslims who went on massive riots in the Kaliachak area of Malda, burning a police station, tens of govt and BSF vehicles and Hindu homes and shops. Per reports, this riot had backing of all three communal parties – the TMC, CPM, the Congress at the grassroots level. So far they have ONLY 11 arrests have been made and that too of the fringe protesters, but not the leaders. And, more importantly, people feel that Mamata Banerjee, TMC and West Bengal govt has not done anything to either provide security or restore the confidence of the shocked and shaken Hindu community both in this district and statewide.

Source: Indian Express

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Narendra Modi & his cabinet
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While Rahul Gandhi is on a vacation and holiday, resting and presumably having a good time, our Prime Minister Modi has told his ministers and high level BJP functionaries not to opt for holiday and work like normal days during the 2016 New Year weekend.

Source: ABP Live

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