Right To Privacy
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Right To Privacy – Supreme Court To Define Guidelines, It Is About Time

Right to privacy is real sensitive issue with so much stuff and interaction on the internet, and most organizations asking for individuals personal information. The key question is, “If give personal information like names, parents’ name, passport number, Aadhar card, drivers license, etc. are given for a particular purpose, then is there a reasonable expectation that such personal information will be used only for that purpose or not. Will organizations use that to do marketing, will they sell it, are they legally required to protect the information so the individual faces no harm?” As the common man, each of us should ask yourself – this is the minimum expectation. As has happened in other countries, our Supreme Court is dealing with this sensitive question.

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Not A Joke, Rahul Gandhi Is Planning To Read The Gita, Upanishads, etc....
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Any Surprise Here? Sonia & Rahul Helping In Congress Mukt Bharat…

While only poor Rahul Gandhi gets blamed, but the common man in India with a lot of common sense will tell you ==> both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are responsible for the INCREASING SPEED OF CONGRESS MUKHT BHARAT.

So many reasons:

1) excessive corruption,

2) blatant minority appeasement – look what did and is happening in Karnataka, Kerala, Kashmir, and on and on,

3) out of touch with people,

4) no pride in the country,

5) undemocratic parties with disrespect and near abuse of for party leaders,

6) raking up unrelated old issues, and on and on.

A healthy democracy need a strong, energetic and constructive opposition. The dying Congress, India’s oldest party is certainly not the one to provide that.

Source: Business Standard

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