Tough India - Will Help Free Balochistan And Pak
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Tough India – Will Help Free Balochistan And Pak, China’s Rs. 30 Lac Crore Project In Trouble

After sleeping for decades, India has finally woken up, thanks to PM Modi and this government. As a new foreign strategy, India has raised the atrocities and crime being committed in Balochistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. PM Modi raised these issues at the Red Fort Independence day speech. World leaders from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and several other countries have welcomed this. China is now on defense and their Rupees 30 lac China to Balochistan and Gwadhar port project is in trouble. Ultimately, this could lead to Pakistan crumbling. The Jihadis – what happens to them, why worry?  But INDIA’s SECULAR ENGLISH MEDIA IS VERY UNHAPPY with India’s tough stance. YOU HAVE TO WONDER IF THEY LOVE INDIA?

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Shah Rukh Khan likes a woman to be lying down when he talks to her
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Shah Rukh Khan Makes The Most Indecent Remark Against Women

During a book launch honoring women authors, SRK made arguably one of the most indecent remarks against women in general by saying, “This may be politically incorrect, but actually when I speak to a woman, I’d like her to be lying down.” Upon hearing this, no one from the English media, the intellectual elite or even women protested.

Source: Jagruk Bharat

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The current NDA government has evicted over 1,000 unauthorized residents or those who have overstayed which include many English media journalists and politicians from one of most luxurious and expensive government owned homes in the heart of Delhi. In many instances, like for journalists, they were given such accommodations for free or almost free, and as a quid-pro-quo, positive press was expected. However, the work is only nearly half done as more than 1,200 homes remain under unauthorized occupation.

Source: Economic Times

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