Does India Want To Be Controlled By Tech Companies?
Photo: Economic Times

Does India Want To Be Controlled By Tech Companies?

India recently imposed a record fine of Rs. 136 crore on Google for discriminatory search which was only a real small hit to Google. But the issue is much bigger for India and every other country (with the exception of USA as these companies are based there) who face serious threats from all the major technology companies – Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple.

1) Through our smartphones and our apps they seem to monitor all our citizens and even try to influence their social and political preferences,and they try to crush competitive businesses. The read our texts and emails and track our movements and habits, what we say and to who we talk to. Due to our searches they know our likes and dislikes. Even facial recognition is starting to learn more about us. All this data which tech companies consider so valuable is likely stored and analyzed overseas without our permission.

2) Indian regulators need to consider if these companies have become technology monopolies. These silicon valley tech moguls have admitted that they copy or steal from competitors, and if all else fails, they acquire them.

3) Look at Amazon – it is practically moving into all industries and destroying all competition – in India also, as is Uber doing..

India must learn from China – either we must restrict or shut these tech companies and allow our own startups to form, thrive and grow. Else, very soon we will be controlled by these non-India tech companies who want to be masters of the world or acting on behalf of their own governments.

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