Irom Sharmila Will End Fasting
Photo: Mumbai Mirror

Was Irom Sharmila’s 16 Year Fast Worth It?

Irom Sharmila, from Manipur, who has been on a 16 year fast, i.e. since 2000,  against the Indian government seeking an abolishment of the AFSPA – the Armed Forces Special Protection Act – will end her fast in two weeks. Her determination is understood, but hope she and others need to appreciate the sacrifices and risk our armed forces face in disturbed areas and they in visible and invisible battle with extremely armed and lethal enemies. The soldiers have difficult jobs, and they are deployed to keep or restore peace as in J&K, and some parts of the North-East India. The AFSPA would not be needed if there were any major disturbances in affected areas. She is today 43 years. She had refused to eat or drink anything, so the government was left with no choice but to create a separate ward to feed her thru a tube, at it may be noted at great cost to the taxpayers. Her announcement is sudden and has taken all by surprise. All must wonder and perhaps analyze if this fast was worth it?

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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