Trump Is Scaring Indians
Photo: Foreign Policy

Trump Is Scaring Indians…

First came the immigration ban, then came much tougher restrictions on H-1B work visa issuance, followed by curtailing of spousal H-4B visa issuance, and then came the several attacks on Indians, a few fatally. Deportation of illegals has started and per government statistics, there are over 500,000 illegal Indians. Key advisers of this government have in the past and now expressed concern and resentment about the number of South Asian (read Indians) students on college campuses and South Asian CEO’s. In 2015, the highest number of immigrants came from India. All this is scaring both the Indians in the US and their families back home to reconsider both continuing in the US or visits by relatives or as tourists. People are starting to wonder if all this, which has happened in only two months is the start of much worse to come.

Source: Foreign Policy

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