The India Less Appreciated
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The India Less Appreciated…

We are the longest continuously surviving civilization – from Afghanistan and Balochistan in the west to the North-East and Bangladesh, and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and even Sri Lanka, we all have the same gene pool, so genetically we are similar people. Our traditions, richness, values and people continue intact in most parts of our land, (even if we have lost it in areas that got partitioned and/or subject to religious conversions). We have accepted all religions and given them a home, and assimilated ideas from outside. In history, we have been the major source of contributing our wealth and knowledge including mathematics, medicine (ayurveda), yoga, architecture, dance, music, pyschology and linguistics through Sanskrit to the world. Due to our dharmic religions and value systems, we have offered great ideas like such as unity of mankind, harmony of mankind, divinity of an individual, creative synthesis and belief in cosmic values. How amazing…

Source: New India Digest

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