A Coward China Violates Indian Border Again, Things Are Going To Get Very Difficult...
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A Coward China Violates Indian Border Again, Things Are Going To Get Very Difficult…

China is becoming even more aggressive. Not happy with India’s mature, calculated and tough response, it is playing the “coward like mice” trying to push our buttons in other sensitive border areas. It is like local bully who if stopped in one place will go running to another place to vent their anger. India gave a tough response, but both sides got injuries – an pointless and avoidable outcome. Things could get real ugly with heavy losses on both sides but surely no win. What is China trying to prove? They are strong and we will just buckle? It has not happened in the past and it wont in the future. We only feel terrible about the possible loss of lives and injuries to our armed forces men and women.

Source: Zee News

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Does China Want To Start A War With India...?
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Does China Want To Start A War With India…?

China again destroyed Indian bunkers along the Sikkim border. India destroyed and stopped further road building by the Chinese in Indian territory. China wants to snatch away bit by bit territory near the chicken neck area of Assam. India has a strong presence and maintained its strength here. As Chinese plans were blocked for now, they are throwing up verbal threats – their controlled media is warning of possible war like in 1962. So is China planning to start a war with India?

Source: Times of India

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India Women Soldiers
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For the first time, hundreds of Women Soldiers of ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) will be soon be posted on the high-altitude and highly risky Indo-China border. This is a first, and further these soldiers also will have combat roles – also a first. We wish them and all our soldiers the best and pray for their safety and well being.

Source: OneIndia

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