Honest Police Officer Asked To Pay Rs. 50 Crore In Damages
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Honest Police Officer Asked To Pay Rs. 50 Crore In Damages

A top Karnataka lady police officer, Ms D. Roopa alleged in her report on the state’s prisons alleged about a lot of corruption in the prisons. VIP criminals had paid crores to prison officials including her superiors. Her superior, DGP H N Satyanarayana Rao had also been transferred. This superior is threatening Ms. Roopa with legal action unless she pays Rs. 50 crores in damages issues a public apology in leading newspapers.

Source: NDTV

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Not A Joke, Rahul Gandhi Is Planning To Read The Gita, Upanishads, etc....
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Any Surprise Here? Sonia & Rahul Helping In Congress Mukt Bharat…

While only poor Rahul Gandhi gets blamed, but the common man in India with a lot of common sense will tell you ==> both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are responsible for the INCREASING SPEED OF CONGRESS MUKHT BHARAT.

So many reasons:

1) excessive corruption,

2) blatant minority appeasement – look what did and is happening in Karnataka, Kerala, Kashmir, and on and on,

3) out of touch with people,

4) no pride in the country,

5) undemocratic parties with disrespect and near abuse of for party leaders,

6) raking up unrelated old issues, and on and on.

A healthy democracy need a strong, energetic and constructive opposition. The dying Congress, India’s oldest party is certainly not the one to provide that.

Source: Business Standard

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Unfair Focus - Telangana Government Top Priority Focus Education Of Minorities...
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Unfair Focus – Telangana Government Top Priority Focus Education Of Minorities…

Telangana does it again by focusing only on giving top education of minorities. VOTE BANK POLITICS TO THE EXTREME. They spend hundreds and thousands of crores on such things while leaving out the majority. Previous state governments in many states have done this – Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka (currently), Kerala, and the list goes on. Sadly, such lop sided focus has not led to a very educated minorities. At the same time, the majority children don’t receive proper funding or facilities.

Source: The Hindu

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So Severe Drought - King Cobra Drinks Water From A Bottle
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So Severe Drought – King Cobra Drinks Water From A Bottle…

Karnataka severe drought of over two years continues. Many rivers are running dry and water tables are depleting. A Cobra came out looking for water in Kaiga village of Karnataka and guessing the reason a villager offered water from a bottle which the Cobra drank… a rare sight. We in India worship the Cobras and offer it milk and sweets. With the severe drought, looks like our animal brethren – snakes and others greatly appreciate water!

Source: Huffingtonpost

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Muslim Girl Being Trolled and Accused for Singing Hindu Devotional Songs
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Muslim Girl Being Trolled and Accused for Singing Hindu Devotional Songs

Suhana Sayed, a 22-year Mangalore Muslim girl, sang a bhajan in praise of Lord Balaji in the show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Now a 45,000 strong Facebook group called Mangalore Muslims are accusing her & her parents. Why? They say, “we criticized the fact that she sang about multiple gods while she follows a religion that believes in one god.” Seems pretty ridiculous – is there some universal law that one cannot sing or talk about another religion. I hope these types of people begin to realize they are in the 21st century. Suhana has received hundreds and thousands complements form both the judges and the public at large. And where are the secularists… why the silence?

Source: DNA India

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Cauvery Protest
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Strange: Supreme Court Asks Karnataka & Tamil Nadu To Not Allow Any Agitations

Sadly, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are fighting with each other due to the centuries old Cauvery river water problem. The conflict took an ugly turn after the Supreme Court ordered the release of water by Karnataka to Tamil Nadu. With so much conflict dating back to history, now the Supreme Court has ordered Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to ensure that neither agitation nor shutdowns take place after the court passed their orders, and that order has to be complied with. Does this make any sense? It does not…

Source: Asianage

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Karnataka has become scary for govt officials
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Ministers of the ruling Congress party have done some unexpected things to their government officials. Recently, the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was caught on camera slapping a senior district commissioner. Then we hear one of their ministers after speaking with a Lady Police Officer for 42 seconds called back and when the phone was not answered, got her transferred. Also doing the rounds is Bar dancers performer for jailers and inmates in a jail. So it is anybody’s guess what could happen next, but hardly anyone is looking forward to it.

Source: Zee News

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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah
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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah slapped a senior government official while going through a crowd in Ballari, Karnataka. This was caught on camera and eye witnesses confirm what they say. But now both the CM and the senior official deny this sequence of events, even though TV footage clearly shows Siddaramaiah’s right hand landing on Ramesh, the official face.

Source: India Today

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Mysuru is first in Swachh Bharat National Rankings
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Mysuru in Karnataka and Thiruchirapalli (Trichy) in Tamil Nadu have been ranked first and second among 476 cities in the “Swachh Bharat” rankings. Other cities in the top 10 are Navi Mumbai, Kochi, Hassan, Mandya and Bengaluru in Karnataka, Thiruvananthapuram, Halisahar in West Bengal and Gangtok. The parameters include extent of open defecation, solid waste management, seepage management, waste water treatment, drinking water quality, surface water quality of water bodies and mortality due to water borne diseases. CONGRATULATIONS MYSURU & TRICHY !!!

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