Not A Joke, Rahul Gandhi Is Planning To Read The Gita, Upanishads, etc....
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Any Surprise Here? Sonia & Rahul Helping In Congress Mukt Bharat…

While only poor Rahul Gandhi gets blamed, but the common man in India with a lot of common sense will tell you ==> both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are responsible for the INCREASING SPEED OF CONGRESS MUKHT BHARAT.

So many reasons:

1) excessive corruption,

2) blatant minority appeasement – look what did and is happening in Karnataka, Kerala, Kashmir, and on and on,

3) out of touch with people,

4) no pride in the country,

5) undemocratic parties with disrespect and near abuse of for party leaders,

6) raking up unrelated old issues, and on and on.

A healthy democracy need a strong, energetic and constructive opposition. The dying Congress, India’s oldest party is certainly not the one to provide that.

Source: Business Standard

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Shocked?... Hindus Not Safe In India, A Hindu Majority Country
Photo: NDTV

Shocked? Hindus not safe in India, A Hindu Majority Country

All Indians should be safe anywhere in India, but SADLY HINDUS INCREASINGLY ARE UNSAFE IN THEIR OWN HINDU MAJORITY COUNTRY. This is happening in Kashmir, now Jammu, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Bengal, Tripura, parts of Assam and others parts of the North-East. Only Hindus are targeted and raped, humiliated, killed and converted. No major newspaper ever covers these things. As Tarun Vijay, a well known parliamentarian said, “the Amarnath pilgrims’ massacre proves once again that the Hindus of India are still paying heavy price for just being a Hindu”.


Source: NDTV

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Kashmir Soldier Umar Fayaz Receives Nations Tributes From Kashmir To India Gate
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Kashmir Soldier Umar Fayaz Receives Nations Tributes From Kashmir To India Gate

Recently, Kashmir’s 22 year old Lt. Umar Fayaz, was killed in cold blood by terrorists. He was on leave to attend a cousin’s marriage where terrorists picked him up and only his body was seen. Leaving behind his family including two sisters, Umar Fayaz graduated from the National Defense Academy in Pune after which he joined the 2 Rajputana Rifles regiment and was posted in Kashmir. Killing a Umar Fayaz will not stop many others from Kashmir or other places to serve honorably in the Indian Army in defending our country.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Strong India - Let Army Do Its Job Against Terrorists
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Strong India – Let Army Do Its Job Against Terrorists…

Indian Government must give the Indian Army the full freedom to do whatever to protect its troops, fight terrorists and take revenge. In recent days, Pakistani army tortured and mutilated the bodies of Indian soldiers, then 5-6 terrorists visited the home of a Army officer in Kashmir and shot him many times in cold blood. Stone throwers are daily targeting our soldiers, who many a time are ordered not to retaliate. Why should the Army at the receiving end from all sides? Our first objective is to protect our forces, and who cares about world opinion or that of NGOs – they never support India in any case? Surprise, surprise – even Congress leader and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has said the Indian military should stop being a gentleman’s army and be allowed to do what it takes/ Why is the political leadership so soft?

Source: Swarajyamag

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India Been Too Generous To Kashmir (But Not Jammu or Ladakh)
Photo: The Hindu

India Been Too Generous To Kashmir (But Not Jammu or Ladakh)…

Now there are news reports that even girls from well do and government funded colleges are throwing stones and want to join protesters. Rest of India – “REMEMBER KASHMIR IS AND WILL REMAIN ALWAYS PART OF INDIA” – is left wondering what is wrong with the people of Kashmir. They killed and drove out Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir – “is that what is menat by Kashmirayat”? Kashmiris care only for Kashmir (read muslims) and no one else. They want and have so far got only a Muslim Chief Minister from Kashmir only. J&K gets 10% of central government funds with only 1% of the population, so each person on average gets 10 times of what citizens else where get, and on and on. However, with so much good and generosity, our Kashmiri friends feel that they are victims, who never hesitate to chant Pakistani flags. The only thing that makes Kashmir and J&K different it is muslim majority, nothing so special about that. If so much generosity does not work, then let us do what Pakistan, China, Middle East and others do their restless minority populations…

Source: The Hindu

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Nothing Wrong If Soldiers Beat Up Stone Throwers
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Nothing Wrong If Soldiers Beat Up Stone Throwers…

Our soldiers are getting beaten up from all sides – in the border, they have to deal with the terrorists and the Pakistani Army, and inside Kashmir they are having to deal with stone throwers who are allegedly acting as a front for the enemy – the Pakistani army and separatists who are the terrorist sponsors, and the terrorists themselves, and some stupid Indian media (and western media) who lay all blame on our soldiers. So what is wrong if our soldiers in an act of self defense as well as to teach a lesson to these stone throws beat them up? Are these stone throwers being paid to attack our soldiers – if we are in a battle then the consequences and casualty should be both ways.

Source: Firstpost

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The India Less Appreciated
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The India Less Appreciated…

We are the longest continuously surviving civilization – from Afghanistan and Balochistan in the west to the North-East and Bangladesh, and from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and even Sri Lanka, we all have the same gene pool, so genetically we are similar people. Our traditions, richness, values and people continue intact in most parts of our land, (even if we have lost it in areas that got partitioned and/or subject to religious conversions). We have accepted all religions and given them a home, and assimilated ideas from outside. In history, we have been the major source of contributing our wealth and knowledge including mathematics, medicine (ayurveda), yoga, architecture, dance, music, pyschology and linguistics through Sanskrit to the world. Due to our dharmic religions and value systems, we have offered great ideas like such as unity of mankind, harmony of mankind, divinity of an individual, creative synthesis and belief in cosmic values. How amazing…

Source: New India Digest

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Kashmiri Terror
Photo: The Hindu

Kashmiri Terror Outfits Desperate For New Notes

Police say Kashmiri terror outfits operations have been hit hard by the ban on old notes. Laskhkar and other terror outfits are desperately on the look out for new notes to basic things like charge their mobile phones and pay their cadres. One group of terrorists attached a local bank and took Rupees 14 lacs of old notes. This might be a surprise but police say that it costs the terrorists around rupees 10 lacs each month to support 100 active terrorists. Each fellow uses up two of more sim cards as they keep changing sim cards, change phones – all of which costs more than Rs. 10,000 per terrorist per month.

Source: The Hindu

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Pakis Missing In UP
Photo: Mid Day

Scary – 200 Paki Terrorist Infiltrated, And 350 Pakis Missing In Uttar Pradesh

Intelligence source have said 200 Pakistani terrorists have already entered Kashmir and 100 more are waiting to get pushed in by the Pakistani Army and ISI. Their plan to step up violence and go after both armed forces and soft targets both in Jammu & Kashmir and rest of India. The escalation of tension with Pakistan is also hitting Uttar Pradesh where 350 Pakistanis, who entered with valid visas, but have gone missing and not traceable Not surprisingly the state police is in a tizzy and is working with intelligence agencies to trace them.

Source: Daily Pioneer

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Jhanvi Will Hoist Indian Tricolor on 15th Aug
Photo: Jagruk Bharat

15 Year Jhanvi Says – She Will Hoist Tricolour On 15th August In Srinagar – Dares Separatists

15 year old Ms. Jhanvi Behgal said that she will hoist the Indian Tricolour on 15th August in Srinagar. This is a direct challenge to the separatists who seem to find any pretext for agitation, protests and stone throwing. Ms. Jhanvi, who is a little over half the age of JNU’s Kanhaiya Kumar to a debate on nationalism but sadly or should we say not surprisingly Kanhaiya never a ccepted or responded. She also expressed total support for the Indian army but is concerned about the growing anti-India sentiment in Kashmir. Surprising our media tried their best to ignore it.

Source: Jagruk Bharat

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Kashmir Returning To Calm, 40+ People Died, But What Was Achieved?

Burhan Wani a dreaded terrorist was killed by security forces in a successful operation. Parts of Kashmir only (not Jammu or Leh-Ladakh areas) burst into protest and destroy property and attack forces. Over 40 people die during this unrest including police and civilians over two weeks. In the coming days calm may continue or may flare up again. Can anyone for the protesters explain what was achieved by this unrest and loss of lives and property?

Source: PTI News

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Kashmir Super 30
Photo: Catch News


The Dagger Division of the Army located at Baramullah, Kashmir started the “Kashmir Super 30″ to train J&K students, but in practice really Kashmiri students to pass the JEE exam amongst other things. Per the recently announced JEE results, 15 students cracked the JEE under this Kashmir Super 30 initiative of the Indian Army. So for the general public and especially our noisy and sometimes “unpatriotic Indian media”keep this in mind. It seems to be so fashionable to blame our brave Indian army who are fighting terrorists and a porous border in extremely inhospitable conditions.

Source: Catch News

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Nehru Sonia Patel
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Congress publication blames Nehru for the current problems in Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet. The article goes on to say that “had Vallabhai Patel been heard (by Nehru) or even better become the first prime minister of India, then, the problems of Kashmir, China, Tibet and Nepal wouldn’t have existed now. Patel opposed Nehru’s move of taking the Kashmir issue to the UNO,”. As regards Sonia Gandhi, the article implies to be a very ambitious person. It states “Sonia Gandhi became a primary member of the Congress in 1997 and became the party’s president in 62 days.” Shortly after, she also made an unsuccessful attempt to form a government at the center.

Source: Niticentral

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Do you want the separatists are asking for: greater autonomy, independence, merger with Pakistan, limited accession with India, India-Pakistan joint-control over Jammu & Kashmir, demilitarisation, porous borders and irrelevant Line of Control, Islamic banking and dual currency. The National Conference has been demanding greater autonomy, absolute judicial, legislative and executive powers, including the power to interpret the Constitution. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.

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