Arvind Bans Dharnas Outside His Home
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Kejriwal Bans Dharnas Outside His House… An Illegal Action

In a shocking development, Arvind Kejriwal who is a product of dharnas and one who has exploited it fully, now bans dharnas outside his own house. The reason given for this government order is, “it is apprehended that demonstration, protests or dharna will create public nuisance and serious law and order problems.” But the whole purpose of dharnas was to create such public nuisance which are techniques Kejriwal and his team has been doing, leading up to the formation of the Aam Admi Party. The bigger question is there is something deeper happening? To counter this, the Lt. Governor of Delhi stated that these administrative actions are illegal per our constitution.

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10 Things Pakistan Loves About India
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Here are at least 10 things (it could be many more – will they admit it…) : 1) Much less corruption, 2) India’s Space programs, 3) Transparent Election system, 4) Bollywood movies, 5) India’s guest culture, 6) Economy and our growth, 7) Law and Order, 8) Education, 9) Diplomacy, 10) Indian Leadership

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