PM Modi Facebook Fans - 14 To 42 Million, To 100 Million Soon...

PM Modi Facebook Fans – 14 To 42 Million, To 100 Million Soon…

Prime Minister Modi had 14 million fans in May 2014 when the current Lok Sabha election results were declared, currently he has 42 million fans or a 3 fold increase in 3 years. At this rate, we can soon expect even 100 million fans or more. And there are crores and crores of shares and post likes. The three most followed Facebook pages are PM personal page, Donald Trump the US president’s page and the PMO or the Prime Minister’s Office. Because of active social media usage, several ministers and key ministries have active followings, engagement and events. This is amazing as no other country or government of size is so active and proactive with social media interactions.


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Sonia Gandhi doesn't accept Narendra Modi as Prime Minister
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Sonia Gandhi makes it clearer by the day that she still does not accept him as prime minister. She appears not to have adjusted to not being de facto prime minister and queen regent. She appears also to feel a frantic need to be permanently on the front pages of newspapers. In the decade that she ruled India as de facto prime minister she never deigned to speak to reporters but now she seeks them out to rant against some new ‘misdemeanor’ that she believes Modi is guilty of. Can Sonia block every session of Parliament for that long? Can she continue to try and prove that the people of India are on her side even if they gave her only 44 seats in the Lok Sabha? AND SONIA SHOULD KNOW THAT VOTERS VOTED HER OUT BECAUSE THEY ARE ANGRY AT HOW MUCH SHE HAS HARMED INDIA.

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