Thank God! - Pakistani Airline To Stop India Flights...
Photo: NDTV

Thank God! – Pakistani Airline To Stop India Flights…

Indian are all surprised and soon will breathe a sigh of relief that PIA – the Pakistani International Airline will stop flights between Karachi and Lahore and Mumbai. If you ask, most Indians would have thought NO such commercial airline flights were in operation. There were only twice weekly flights, which was also the only air link between the two countries, and probably the way Pakistani artists came to act in Bollywood films. After these flights stop, the only way to travel would be to go to a third country, make a stopover, and change airlines.

Source: NDTV

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Pakistani Plane Crash - Should We Care?
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Pakistani Plane Crash – Should We Care?

Normally any plane crash anywhere and the associated lost of live is cause for sadness. Pakistan is India’s enemy and everyday they send across terrorists, attack our soldiers and involved in many actions to weaken our country. PIA – Pakistani International Airline’s plane crashed en route to Islamabad. Among the deceased were an some well known personalities and an actress as well. India and Indians are normally considerate people, but in light of Pakistan’s constant attacks, should we feel sadness and express sorrow for this plane crash?

Source: Catch News

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