Desh Mein Modi, Uttar Pradesh Mein Yogi As Chief Minister
Photo: Deccan Chronicle

Yogi Adityanath Ji: Well Said And Well Done… So Much Common Sense

With the kind of clarity we have rarely heard in recent time, the honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh said:

1) [in Hindi] if during Eid I cannot stop the namaz being offered on roads. then I have no right to stop the celebration of Janmashtami at police stations. if he cannot stop the offering of namaz on roads during Eid, he has no right to stop celebration of Janmashtami at police stations.

2) what is an auspicious religious procession (Shiva devotees Kanwar Yatra) without “band baaja, microphones, DJs and music systems“, AND

3) if these are banned for this Yatra they should be banned in EVERY place of worship and if they cannot be, then these cannot be banned for the Yatra either.

Soooooooo much common sense and well said! You have truly spoken of equality and fairness to one and all.

Source: Indian Express

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UP's Anti-Romeo Squads - To Keep Women Safe
Photo: Indian Express

UP’s Anti Romeo Squads – To Keep Women Safe

BJP’s Election Manifesto for UP was to ensure safety and remove harassment for girls and women. As promised, the government is forming anti-romeo squads in each police station. Each “squad” consists of 5 police personnel with 3 women and 2 men. They patrol schools, colleges, malls, markets and parks and other public areas to keep anti-social elements in check, women and girls safe. Presumably, an unstated objective could be to discourage love-jihad which people say involves using deceit to win over Hindu girls and then convert them to Islam, even if not voluntary. These moves which are the first of its kind at such a large scale, could be copied in other towns, cities and states.

Source: Indian Express

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