Surgical Strike in Punjab
Photo: Google

India Conducts Risky But Needed Surgical Strike In Pakistan

For this first time, India conducted risky but needed surgical strike into Pakistan territory. Several terrorist camps were destroyed and a few Pakistani soldiers guarding the camps were killed. The good thing is now Pakistani terrorists, jihadis, army and ISI (the deep state) is on notice that we are on offense and they could be attacked anytime. They need to now defend themselves instead of being on offence in India … we can only imagine the fear pychosis and nightmares they will start to have, of course high time. We can only assume that more actions are being disussed by the Indian government. The surgical strikes are not without risk, our soldiers could get hurt or lose their lives, Pakistan may use this as pretext to carry out their own surgical strikes without reason subjecting our people to more risk, possibly create communal tension or kill our elected political leadership.

Source: News18

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