Too Much Social Media Causes Sleep Issues
Photo: Zeenews

‘Air Force Pilots – Too Much Social Media Causes Sleep Issues – No Surprise Really!

India’s Air Force chief said that their pilots are spending too much time on social media which is causing sleep deprivation. As a result this is impacting the ability of our Air Force pilots. Also no surprise – too much social media is taking away interpersonal and communication skills.

The Air Force Chief said pilots who had been drinking too much can be observed and stopped from flying. The barman could spot and report then so that they don’t fly. But with social media it is much harder to know when anyone and especially the pilots have been up too late.

This could impact their flying and even cause accidents and fatalities. It was noted that such an issue caused an accident in 2013. A real human issue with pilots on social media – but we also need to ensure pilots safety and the defence readiness of our armed forces….

Source: Zeenews

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