US Elections - Fight Between 'Real Indian' vs 'Fake Indian'...
Photo: MSN

US Elections – Fight Between ‘Real Indian’ vs ‘Fake Indian’…

In the upcoming US Senate elections (like Rajya Sabha – there are only 100 total seats, 2 per state), upstart and challenger Shiva Ayyadurai- of Indian origin without any doubt and the real Indian is fighting against incumbent senator Elizabeth Warren. Ms. Warren has claimed to be of American Indian decent and many are questioning this. Mr. Ayyadurai’s fighting moto is “Only a REAL INDIAN Can Defeat the Fake Indian.” Mr. Ayyadurai as has President Trump called Ms. Warren and reportedly many other American Indians have called her the fake Indian and an opportunist to exploit special benefits given to American Indians (like SC/ST get in India).

While Indians don’t know either candidate, most would support Shiva the real Indian. Could we have imagined that being an Indian would be used to win a very difficult election in USA or any other country?

Source: MSN

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