Shahrukh Khan
Photo: Free Press Journal

Shah Rukh Khan Car Accidentally Runs Over Photographer’s Foot – But How?

It is hard to understand how Shah Rukh Khan car could have “accidentally run over” a young photographer’s foot. This can happen with a bicycle or two wheeler but a car – many are scratching their heads? To explain this strange news headline, there are 2 possibilities – either this photographer put his feet under a moving car (possibly due to over eagerness or plain stupidity), or more likely the driver of this car ran over this photographer’s foot who in the car’s path. If the latter is the case then, clearly the driver’s fault. The reporting of this news raises more doubts and questions. Also, we are told that the injured pedestrian is doing fine – should we believe the news anymore?

Source:Free Press Journal

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Shah Rukh Khan, Omar Abdullah Detained Again In US Airport
Photo: Google

Quite Normal – Shah Rukh Khan And Omar Abdullah Detained Again In US Airport

While these should be random checks, Omar Abdullah and Shah Rukh Khan were detained thrice in three visits for random secondary immigration checks. They are detained for at least two hours and kept in a detention room. They have taken it sportingly – but what choice do they have. In the earlier era some politicians and media made a big fuss about this – but not much now.

Source: Business Standard

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