Facebook is forcing Indian Women to upload selfie?
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Facebook Is Forcing Indian Women To Upload Selfie…?

Facebook is upset that “most” Indian women don’t upload their Selfie profile picture but instead pictures of others points of interest. They want to change it, but it feels like they want to “force” such a change by hoping to provide security features. Indian woman are both smarter and more careful. Their reasons could be both personal, social and maybe security. With little understanding of our value system, trying to force such a change may or may not be valuable.

Source: Washingtonpost

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PM Modi Facebook Fans - 14 To 42 Million, To 100 Million Soon...
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PM Modi Facebook Fans – 14 To 42 Million, To 100 Million Soon…

Prime Minister Modi had 14 million fans in May 2014 when the current Lok Sabha election results were declared, currently he has 42 million fans or a 3 fold increase in 3 years. At this rate, we can soon expect even 100 million fans or more. And there are crores and crores of shares and post likes. The three most followed Facebook pages are PM personal page, Donald Trump the US president’s page and the PMO or the Prime Minister’s Office. Because of active social media usage, several ministers and key ministries have active followings, engagement and events. This is amazing as no other country or government of size is so active and proactive with social media interactions.

Source: India.com

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India - Teach Snapchat A Lesson, Remove Their App... ASAP
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India – Teach Snapchat A Lesson, Remove Their App… ASAP

Snapchat being the latest example – companies from outside India seem to be at ease in making fun of, or abusing, or call abusing or call it what you want of Indians. We can get upset or create a lot of media and social media storm as it happening – all this hype will be around for at least a few days, or we could really bring these companies to their knees and even make them bankrupt by stop using their products and their Apps. Till recently these didn’t exist so NOT using them should not be an issue. So can we take the pledge to really teach these companies a lesson or just want some media sensation – that is for us to choose?

Source: Economic Times

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Tina Dutta Molested In Aircraft, No Help From Crew
Photo: Financial Express

Actress Molested In Aircraft, No Help From Crew Or Passengers…

Tina Dutta, television actress was sexually molested on a recent flight by a man seated next to her. What is shocking is that when she complained to the flight attendants, they said – SUCH THINGS HAPPEN AND THEY CAN CHANGE HER SEAT. The captain said THEIR RESPONSIBILITY STARTS POST TAKE OFF OF THE FLIGHT, and no passenger came to her rescue. Left with no choice, Tina went on social media to narrate her story.

Source: Financial Express

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Agree to one thing that Shah Rukh Khan said about voting
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People may not agree with lots of what Shahrukh Khan has said, but it is hard not to agree with what he said in light of the upcoming elections which was – “If You Don’t Vote, You Have No Right To Complain on Social Media”. Hope all citizens and voters are listening? Every citizen has both a right and a duty to vote..

Source: New Indian Express

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