In Goa BJP Almost Lost Due to Minority Appeasement
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Good, In Goa BJP Almost Lost Due to Minority Appeasement…

As a strong message and lesson, the BJP “almost” lost the Goa state elections in a big way. The state unit of RSS under Subhash Velingkar was  upset with the ruling BJP as they continued to provide state funding for christian church (minority) run English schools, but the state government refused to accord similar funding support to Marathi and Konkani run schools. How unfair? The Goa RSS unit, which was at the forefront of this fight to achieve equality across religions and religions could not get much headway from the BJP government, leading to the entire Goa RSS unit parting ways and forming their own political party – the Goa Suraksha Manch. The end result was the loss of more than a third of the MLA seats and losing a big chunk of the votes.

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Shocking Bjp! You Sacked Goa Rss Chief...
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Shocking Bjp! You Sacked Goa Rss Chief For Opposing Funding Only Church Run Schools?

Subhash Velingkar, now the former chief of the Goa RSS unit, had honourably and with full dedication served the RSS for over 50 years. He was effectively sacked by the local BJP unit for opposing now BJP minority appeasement programme. A 2012 BJP government notification said that while the government will continue to fund all Konkani and Marathi schools, it would continue to fund “minority institutions (read Church run schools) that shifted to English medium would continue to receive funds”. The battle between RSS and BJP has been going on from 2012 till now, but BJP would not change their unfair policies, leading to further clash and this unfortunate development. And of course, the media never reports the real story…

Source: Swarajyamag

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