D Roopa, DIG of Police, was transferred 17 times in 17 years…

D Roopa, DIG of Police, was transferred 17 times in 17 years...
Photo courtesy: Swarajyamag

A honest and fearless officer in Karnataka, Ms. D. Roopa has been transferred 17 times in her 17 year career. Her most recent transfer came after she wrote a report about the abuse and VIP treatment to select prisoners due to political patronage or bribes paid to police and/or politicians.

Source: Swarajyamag

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  • 21 Jul 2017
  • WerIndia


Hi Roopa,
“Firstly” you deserve a thousand pounds of respect for your daring activity,, The transfer of honest people should stop,, Leaders responsible and system of redtapisim should stop, you stand in line with people who voice out the truth and you are a true whistle bowers to the society.
i admire your courage and your discipline how you have voiced out and have earned the real respect of people we will always be next to you in your future endeavors,

With Respect
Vinay Kumar naidu

Respected Mam, i am proud of you. aap satya(truth) ke sath hai, honest and kartavyanisth hai, hume garv hai aap pe ki aap huamre desh me sevayen de rahi hai.
you are an inspiration for other. Ishwar aapko aur jyada saahas aur shakti de.

Certainly you have had greatest courage to take on the highly corrupt and risky opponent .One would have surprised with her clout if she has not indulged any such rules breaking.I hope and wish you keep the evidence safe The Politicians of any colour will flock togther to save their skin.I wish you succeed in your endevaor

Roopa HATS OFF. Salute and u truly deserve to be the chief minister of entire state. One day I want to see you there. All the best in your journey and all the angels protect you.

Uniform Police Code

The sufferings of the police under the rogue state governments make me to post this again. The case of Madam Roopa, DIG, Bangalore is the most recent example. The police are unable to discharge their duties properly due to the injustice by the state governments. What can be done?

If police under different states do not have uniform code of rules and regulations, how can we talk about uniform civil code? Now the police act as slaves to state governments! The center must start a police commission (like the civil service commission) to save the police from the state clutches! All transfers, promotions etc must be routed through the commission. The uniform, leave rules and pay structure must be the same for all states! Once the state police come under the commission, the law and order situation in states will improve and the police will have loyalty and gratitude to the center! In one stroke, namely the formation of a police commission, Modiji can win the entire police force! The slavery of police to state governments must end! Bring back their honour and dignity! Modiji, Please rescue the police from slavery and win the hearts of these wonderful men and women by bringing back the honor of their great service!!

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