American Missionary Chau Is No Martyr, He Died Due To Sheer Arrogance
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‘American Missionary Chau Is No Martyr, He Died Due To Sheer Arrogance…

The western world and even a large section of India’s copycat English media wants us to believe that American Christian missionary John Allen Chau is now a martyr as he died on Andaman & Nicobar islands. This is sad end but these are some of things he was trying to do:

*  He calls people of these islands “SATAN’S LAST STRONGHOLD“. Really … are we all devils and live in devils lands?

*  He wanted to coerce through any means possible, as so many missionaries before him have done and continue to do, to force his religion on the peace loving isolated people of these islands.

*  He felt the islands people (or read tribes) are worthy only if they accepted his views. So hidden by religion, this was a strategy of “DOMINATION & SUPREMACY meant to to crush  nonconforming cultures and to tame and control them. In fact this is what the white Europeans in Africa, Australia, South and Latin America and the British pushed hard in India.

Chau was an invader in every sense of the world. OUR SENTINEL PEOPLE HAVE LIVED IN ISOLATION AND PEACE AND DO NOT WANT ANY OUTSIDERS. They did what they felt necessary to protect their people, their island and life.

Sadly, such aggression has brought world attention to these islands, and now more intruders may try to enter – all of which is illegal.And now the Indian police is left to retrieve the body in very dangerous conditions.

And such christian evangelical & missionary push for conversion of our own people, really an aggression on our people, is happening in so many parts of India.

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Christian Missionary Using Jesus
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Christian Missionary Using Jesus As Yogi For Conversions…

Major sections of Christianity outside India do not regard Jesus as a Yogi, but instead as a fantasy or heresy. But here in India, there are active Christian evangelist and missionary groups who have make Jesus into a Yogi with a sole purpose of using as a weapon to convert Hindus. These groups say that you can gain everything spiritually by converting to Christianity and do not need the rest of Yoga. They quote Hindu gurus praising Jesus but not the other way round. Christians should first use the image of Christ as a yogi in Rome or a major Christian country or church before India! Otherwise, their actions are just plain dishonest. Also, let them honor Yoga and also the Hindu background of Yoga traditions and knowledge.

Source: Swarajyamag

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